Atlanta Airport Departures – ATL Departures

Welcome to our Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport Departure Flight Status page, your go-to resource for real-time information on departing flights. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or just dropping off a loved one, stay informed with the latest updates on flight schedules, delays, cancellations and gate assignments.

Atlanta Airport Departures Today

16:1519:09WN2391Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesIndianapolisTerminal N En Route - Delayed
16:5519:16DL1497Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesOrlandoTerminal S - A10En Route - Delayed
16:5519:16KL7233KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesOrlandoTerminal S - A10En Route - Delayed
16:5519:16AM5292Aeromexico AeromexicoOrlandoTerminal S - A10En Route - Delayed
16:5619:02F91600Frontier-Airlines Frontier AirlinesFort LauderdaleTerminal N - D3Scheduled - Delayed
17:1520:16DL7203Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesCalgaryTerminal I - D10Scheduled - Delayed
17:1520:16WS1591Westjet WestjetCalgaryTerminal I - D10Scheduled - Delayed
17:2519:24WN1422Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesFort LauderdaleTerminal N En Route - Delayed
17:4019:01AF2878Air-France Air FranceLas VegasTerminal S - B20En Route - Delayed
17:4018:45DL2367Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNew OrleansTerminal S - B5Landed - Delayed
17:4019:01DL711Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLas VegasTerminal S - B20En Route - Delayed
17:4019:01KE3622Korean-Air Korean AirLas VegasTerminal S - B20En Route - Delayed
17:4018:45KL7849KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNew OrleansTerminal S - B5Landed - Delayed
17:4019:01KL5104KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLas VegasTerminal S - B20En Route - Delayed
17:4019:01LA6562LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileLas VegasTerminal S - B20En Route - Delayed
17:4018:45VS5207Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNew OrleansTerminal S - B5Landed - Delayed
17:4019:01VS5131Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLas VegasTerminal S - B20En Route - Delayed
17:4018:45WS7726Westjet WestjetNew OrleansTerminal S - B5Landed - Delayed
17:4519:13DL1670Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A7En Route - Delayed
17:4519:13KL7034KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A7En Route - Delayed
17:4519:13VS5085Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A7En Route - Delayed
17:4519:13WS6423Westjet WestjetFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A7En Route - Delayed
18:0019:35WN3568Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesOrlandoTerminal N En Route - Delayed
18:0218:178C3559Air-Transport-International Air Transport InternationalHebronLanded - On Time
18:0518:01AF2238Air-France Air FranceSan FranciscoTerminal S - B6En Route - On Time
18:0518:01AF3555Air-France Air FranceLondonTerminal I - E27En Route - On Time
18:0518:01DL736Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSan FranciscoTerminal S - B6En Route - On Time
18:0518:01DL30Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLondonTerminal I - E27En Route - On Time
18:0520:25DL2035Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesOrlandoTerminal S - E16Scheduled - Delayed
18:0518:01KE3643Korean-Air Korean AirSan FranciscoTerminal S - B6En Route - On Time
18:0518:01KL5563KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSan FranciscoTerminal S - B6En Route - On Time
18:0518:01KL6043KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLondonTerminal I - E27En Route - On Time
18:0520:25KL7048KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesOrlandoTerminal S - E16Scheduled - Delayed
18:0518:01LA6496LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSan FranciscoTerminal S - B6En Route - On Time
18:0518:01VS5285Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSan FranciscoTerminal S - B6En Route - On Time
18:0518:01VS4044Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLondonTerminal I - E27En Route - On Time
18:0520:25VS5157Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysOrlandoTerminal S - E16Scheduled - Delayed
18:0520:25WS6474Westjet WestjetOrlandoTerminal S - E16Scheduled - Delayed
18:0618:43DL2331Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesJacksonvilleTerminal S - T6Landed - Delayed
18:0618:43KL7179KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesJacksonvilleTerminal S - T6Landed - Delayed
18:0618:43VS3079Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysJacksonvilleTerminal S - T6Landed - Delayed
18:0618:43WS6450Westjet WestjetJacksonvilleTerminal S - T6Landed - Delayed
18:0818:03DL105Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSao PauloTerminal S - E17En Route - On Time
18:0818:03KE7289Korean-Air Korean AirSao PauloTerminal S - E17En Route - On Time
18:0818:03LA6345LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSao PauloTerminal S - E17En Route - On Time
18:1018:06AF2772Air-France Air FrancePensacolaTerminal S - A30Landed - On Time
18:1018:39AF3059Air-France Air FranceValparaisoTerminal S - B11En Route - Delayed
18:1018:06DL2391Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPensacolaTerminal S - A30Landed - On Time
18:1018:39DL2181Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesValparaisoTerminal S - B11En Route - Delayed
18:1018:06KE7125Korean-Air Korean AirPensacolaTerminal S - A30Landed - On Time
18:1018:06KL5480KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPensacolaTerminal S - A30Landed - On Time
18:1018:39KL5554KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesValparaisoTerminal S - B11En Route - Delayed
18:1018:06VS1509Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPensacolaTerminal S - A30Landed - On Time
18:1018:39VS2705Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysValparaisoTerminal S - B11En Route - Delayed
18:1018:06WS6496Westjet WestjetPensacolaTerminal S - A30Landed - On Time
18:1018:39WS6604Westjet WestjetValparaisoTerminal S - B11En Route - Delayed
18:11DL2105Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSavannahTerminal S - D26Landed - On Time
18:11KL7125KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSavannahTerminal S - D26Landed - On Time
18:11VS5267Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSavannahTerminal S - D26Landed - On Time
18:11WS6997Westjet WestjetSavannahTerminal S - D26Landed - On Time
18:1218:07DL1478Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDetroitTerminal S - A12Landed - On Time
18:1218:21DL2583Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPittsburghTerminal S - A5Landed - Delayed
18:1218:07KL5035KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDetroitTerminal S - A12Landed - On Time
18:1218:21KL5476KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPittsburghTerminal S - A5Landed - Delayed
18:1218:07LA6339LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileDetroitTerminal S - A12Landed - On Time
18:1218:21LA6161LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChilePittsburghTerminal S - A5Landed - Delayed
18:1218:07VS1868Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDetroitTerminal S - A12Landed - On Time
18:1218:21VS2671Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPittsburghTerminal S - A5Landed - Delayed
18:1218:07WS8002Westjet WestjetDetroitTerminal S - A12Landed - On Time
18:1218:21WS6823Westjet WestjetPittsburghTerminal S - A5Landed - Delayed
18:1318:29AA5504American-Airlines American AirlinesCharlotteTerminal N - T10Landed - Delayed
18:1318:29BA5799British-Airways British AirwaysCharlotteTerminal N - T10Landed - Delayed
18:1318:29QR9084Qatar-Airways Qatar AirwaysCharlotteTerminal N - T10Landed - Delayed
18:1318:29OH5504Jetstream-International-Airlines Jetstream International AirlinesCharlotteTerminal N - T10Landed - Delayed
18:1518:22AF5986Air-France Air FranceKingstonEn Route - Delayed
18:1518:22DL1906Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKingstonEn Route - Delayed
18:1518:22KL5946KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKingstonEn Route - Delayed
18:1518:22VS3832Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysKingstonEn Route - Delayed
18:1518:38AA778American-Airlines American AirlinesPhoenixTerminal N - T11En Route - Delayed
18:1518:38AS6083Alaska-Airlines Alaska AirlinesPhoenixTerminal N - T11En Route - Delayed
18:1518:38QR2622Qatar-Airways Qatar AirwaysPhoenixTerminal N - T11En Route - Delayed
18:1718:31AA1248American-Airlines American AirlinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T13En Route - Delayed
18:1718:31AS6204Alaska-Airlines Alaska AirlinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T13En Route - Delayed
18:1718:31QF4312Qantas-Airways Qantas AirwaysDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T13En Route - Delayed
18:1718:31QR2220Qatar-Airways Qatar AirwaysDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T13En Route - Delayed
18:1718:31GF4329Gulf-Air Gulf AirDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T13En Route - Delayed
18:2118:17AF2935Air-France Air FranceNashvilleTerminal S - T3Landed - On Time
18:2118:17DL1490Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNashvilleTerminal S - T3Landed - On Time
18:2118:17KL5348KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNashvilleTerminal S - T3Landed - On Time
18:2118:17LA6547LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNashvilleTerminal S - T3Landed - On Time
18:2118:17VS2323Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNashvilleTerminal S - T3Landed - On Time
18:2118:17WS6375Westjet WestjetNashvilleTerminal S - T3Landed - On Time
18:2220:10AF8652Air-France Air FranceCancunTerminal I - F12Scheduled - Delayed
18:2220:10DL1939Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesCancunTerminal I - F12Scheduled - Delayed
18:2220:10KL5040KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesCancunTerminal I - F12Scheduled - Delayed
18:2220:10VS1718Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysCancunTerminal I - F12Scheduled - Delayed
18:2220:10AM3011Aeromexico AeromexicoCancunTerminal I - F12Scheduled - Delayed
18:2418:22AF2416Air-France Air FranceColorado SpringsTerminal S - B25En Route - On Time
18:2418:22DL1507Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesColorado SpringsTerminal S - B25En Route - On Time
18:2418:22KE7185Korean-Air Korean AirColorado SpringsTerminal S - B25En Route - On Time
18:2418:22KL5924KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesColorado SpringsTerminal S - B25En Route - On Time
18:2418:22VS2554Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysColorado SpringsTerminal S - B25En Route - On Time
18:2518:27AF3585Air-France Air FranceMadridTerminal I - E32En Route - Delayed
18:2518:27DL108Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMadridTerminal I - E32En Route - Delayed
18:2518:27KL6028KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMadridTerminal I - E32En Route - Delayed
18:2518:27VS3884Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMadridTerminal I - E32En Route - Delayed
18:2518:27AM3116Aeromexico AeromexicoMadridTerminal I - E32En Route - Delayed
18:2518:18AA3769American-Airlines American AirlinesChicagoTerminal N - T12Landed - On Time
18:2518:18BA1673British-Airways British AirwaysChicagoTerminal N - T12Landed - On Time
18:2519:03NK1827Spirit-Airlines Spirit AirlinesMiamiTerminal N En Route - Delayed
18:2518:18AS4455Alaska-Airlines Alaska AirlinesChicagoTerminal N - T12Landed - On Time
18:2518:18MQ3769Envoy-Air Envoy AirChicagoTerminal N - T12Landed - On Time
18:2518:18QF4376Qantas-Airways Qantas AirwaysChicagoTerminal N - T12Landed - On Time
18:2518:18QR7598Qatar-Airways Qatar AirwaysChicagoTerminal N - T12Landed - On Time
18:2818:20AC3049Air-Canada Air CanadaNewarkTerminal N En Route - On Time
18:2818:20UA1697United-Airlines United AirlinesNewarkTerminal N En Route - On Time
18:2818:20TP8521TAP-Portugal TAP PortugalNewarkTerminal N En Route - On Time
18:3018:27DL2879Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesChicagoTerminal S - E4En Route - On Time
18:3018:34DL500Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLos AngelesTerminal S - T2En Route - Delayed
18:3018:28DL5203Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKnoxvilleTerminal S - D46Landed - On Time
18:3018:41DL434Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNew YorkTerminal S - B19En Route - Delayed
18:3018:34KE7083Korean-Air Korean AirLos AngelesTerminal S - T2En Route - Delayed
18:3018:27KL5152KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesChicagoTerminal S - E4En Route - On Time
18:3018:34KL7012KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLos AngelesTerminal S - T2En Route - Delayed
18:3018:28KL5550KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKnoxvilleTerminal S - D46Landed - On Time
18:3018:41KL5038KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNew YorkTerminal S - B19En Route - Delayed
18:3018:27VS4566Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysChicagoTerminal S - E4En Route - On Time
18:3018:34VS5145Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLos AngelesTerminal S - T2En Route - Delayed
18:3018:28VS5345Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysKnoxvilleTerminal S - D46Landed - On Time
18:3018:41VS2131Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNew YorkTerminal S - B19En Route - Delayed
18:3018:27AM3754Aeromexico AeromexicoChicagoTerminal S - E4En Route - On Time
18:3018:28AM4866Aeromexico AeromexicoKnoxvilleTerminal S - D46Landed - On Time
18:3018:41AM3146Aeromexico AeromexicoNew YorkTerminal S - B19En Route - Delayed
18:3018:27WS6766Westjet WestjetChicagoTerminal S - E4En Route - On Time
18:3018:34WS6452Westjet WestjetLos AngelesTerminal S - T2En Route - Delayed
18:3018:28WS8075Westjet WestjetKnoxvilleTerminal S - D46Landed - On Time
18:3018:41WS7720Westjet WestjetNew YorkTerminal S - B19En Route - Delayed
18:3018:26NK1301Spirit-Airlines Spirit AirlinesLos AngelesTerminal N En Route - On Time
18:3018:289E5203Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirKnoxvilleTerminal S - D46Landed - On Time
18:3418:31AF5988Air-France Air FranceJacksonTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
18:3418:31DL2593Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesJacksonTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
18:3418:31KL6678KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesJacksonTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
18:3418:31VS2127Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysJacksonTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
18:3418:31AM3071Aeromexico AeromexicoJacksonTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
18:3418:31WS6484Westjet WestjetJacksonTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
18:3522:35DL1457Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesTampaTerminal S - A19Scheduled - Delayed
18:3522:35KL5536KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesTampaTerminal S - A19Scheduled - Delayed
18:3522:35VS5329Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysTampaTerminal S - A19Scheduled - Delayed
18:3522:35AM5570Aeromexico AeromexicoTampaTerminal S - A19Scheduled - Delayed
18:3522:35WS6795Westjet WestjetTampaTerminal S - A19Scheduled - Delayed
18:40AF3617Air-France Air FranceFrankfurt-am-MainTerminal I - E14En Route - On Time
18:40DL14Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesFrankfurt-am-MainTerminal I - E14En Route - On Time
18:40KL6114KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesFrankfurt-am-MainTerminal I - E14En Route - On Time
18:40VS3849Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysFrankfurt-am-MainTerminal I - E14En Route - On Time
18:40VN3068Vietnam-Airlines Vietnam AirlinesFrankfurt-am-MainTerminal I - E14En Route - On Time
18:4018:34AC3301Air-Canada Air CanadaChicagoTerminal N En Route - On Time
18:4018:34LH7447Lufthansa LufthansaChicagoTerminal N En Route - On Time
18:4018:34NZ2030Air-New-Zealand Air New ZealandChicagoTerminal N En Route - On Time
18:4018:34OO5266SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesChicagoTerminal N En Route - On Time
18:4018:34SK6802SAS SASChicagoTerminal N En Route - On Time
18:4018:34UA5266United-Airlines United AirlinesChicagoTerminal N En Route - On Time
18:4518:41DL687Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesWashingtonTerminal S - T5En Route - On Time
18:4518:51DL1058Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesWest Palm BeachTerminal S - F4En Route - Delayed
18:4518:41KL7000KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesWashingtonTerminal S - T5En Route - On Time
18:4518:51KL7038KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesWest Palm BeachTerminal S - F4En Route - Delayed
18:4518:41VS2575Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysWashingtonTerminal S - T5En Route - On Time
18:4518:51VS5209Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysWest Palm BeachTerminal S - F4En Route - Delayed
18:4518:41AM3222Aeromexico AeromexicoWashingtonTerminal S - T5En Route - On Time
18:4518:51AM3295Aeromexico AeromexicoWest Palm BeachTerminal S - F4En Route - Delayed
18:4518:51WS6490Westjet WestjetWest Palm BeachTerminal S - F4En Route - Delayed
18:4818:47DL2498Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNewarkTerminal S - B2En Route - On Time
18:4818:47KL6666KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNewarkTerminal S - B2En Route - On Time
18:4818:47VS4496Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNewarkTerminal S - B2En Route - On Time
18:4818:47AM3670Aeromexico AeromexicoNewarkTerminal S - B2En Route - On Time
18:4818:47WS6362Westjet WestjetNewarkTerminal S - B2En Route - On Time
18:5018:47DL589Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMexico CityTerminal I - E16En Route - On Time
18:5019:58DL2660Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A17En Route - Delayed
18:5021:00DL1588Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMiamiTerminal S - A21Scheduled - Delayed
18:5018:47KL5442KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMexico CityTerminal I - E16En Route - On Time
18:5019:58KL8197KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A17En Route - Delayed
18:5021:00KL5446KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMiamiTerminal S - A21Scheduled - Delayed
18:5019:58LA6440LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A17En Route - Delayed
18:5021:00LA6160LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileMiamiTerminal S - A21Scheduled - Delayed
18:5018:47VS4959Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMexico CityTerminal I - E16En Route - On Time
18:5019:58VS5087Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A17En Route - Delayed
18:5021:00VS5193Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMiamiTerminal S - A21Scheduled - Delayed
18:5018:47AM3910Aeromexico AeromexicoMexico CityTerminal I - E16En Route - On Time
18:5019:58AM3152Aeromexico AeromexicoFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A17En Route - Delayed
18:5021:00AM3168Aeromexico AeromexicoMiamiTerminal S - A21Scheduled - Delayed
18:5021:00WS8042Westjet WestjetMiamiTerminal S - A21Scheduled - Delayed
18:5018:55WN3178Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesIndianapolisTerminal N En Route - Delayed
18:5518:52DL2248Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHebronTerminal S - E7En Route - On Time
18:5518:52KL5074KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesHebronTerminal S - E7En Route - On Time
18:5518:52LA6551LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileHebronTerminal S - E7En Route - On Time
18:5518:52VS5055Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysHebronTerminal S - E7En Route - On Time
18:5518:52AM5006Aeromexico AeromexicoHebronTerminal S - E7En Route - On Time
18:5518:52WS6672Westjet WestjetHebronTerminal S - E7En Route - On Time
18:5518:103S457AeroLogic AeroLogicFrankfurt-am-MainEn Route - On Time
18:5918:52AF2896Air-France Air FranceMilwaukeeTerminal S - B14En Route - On Time
18:5918:52DL2864Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMilwaukeeTerminal S - B14En Route - On Time
18:5918:52KL5296KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMilwaukeeTerminal S - B14En Route - On Time
18:5918:52VS4160Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMilwaukeeTerminal S - B14En Route - On Time
18:5918:52AM5342Aeromexico AeromexicoMilwaukeeTerminal S - B14En Route - On Time
19:0219:49F92991Frontier-Airlines Frontier AirlinesChicagoTerminal N - T17Scheduled - Delayed
19:0418:59QR3807Qatar-Airways Qatar AirwaysNew YorkTerminal N - T16En Route - On Time
19:0418:59B61520JetBlue-Airways JetBlue AirwaysNew YorkTerminal N - T16En Route - On Time
19:0418:59HA2345Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesNew YorkTerminal N - T16En Route - On Time
19:0418:59LY8586EL-AL-Israel-Airlines EL AL Israel AirlinesNew YorkTerminal N - T16En Route - On Time
19:0519:43DL2881Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesOrlandoTerminal S - A29En Route - Delayed
19:0519:43KL5120KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesOrlandoTerminal S - A29En Route - Delayed
19:0519:43LA6289LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileOrlandoTerminal S - A29En Route - Delayed
19:0519:43VS4314Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysOrlandoTerminal S - A29En Route - Delayed
19:0519:43AM3094Aeromexico AeromexicoOrlandoTerminal S - A29En Route - Delayed
19:0820:30F93782Frontier-Airlines Frontier AirlinesTampaTerminal N - T15Scheduled - Delayed
19:1019:13DL2718Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesWhite PlainsTerminal S - D9En Route - Delayed
19:1019:13VS2296Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysWhite PlainsTerminal S - D9En Route - Delayed
19:1019:13AM3155Aeromexico AeromexicoWhite PlainsTerminal S - D9En Route - Delayed
19:1019:13WS7504Westjet WestjetWhite PlainsTerminal S - D9En Route - Delayed
19:2020:45AF5795Air-France Air FranceMinneapolisTerminal S - E9Scheduled - Delayed
19:2019:16DL1358Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDetroitTerminal S - A31En Route - On Time
19:2019:18DL543Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLas VegasTerminal S - E26En Route - On Time
19:2019:15DL2900Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBirminghamTerminal S - C36Landed - On Time
19:2019:16DL4100Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAlbanyTerminal S - C40En Route - On Time
19:2019:17DL2409Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesGainesvilleTerminal S - D5En Route - On Time
19:20DL727Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSeattleTerminal S - A32En Route - On Time
19:2020:45DL1280Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMinneapolisTerminal S - E9Scheduled - Delayed
19:2021:20DL1861Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSan JuanTerminal S - A20Scheduled - Delayed
19:2019:16KL5014KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDetroitTerminal S - A31En Route - On Time
19:2019:18KL5106KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLas VegasTerminal S - E26En Route - On Time
19:2019:15KL7255KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBirminghamTerminal S - C36Landed - On Time
19:2019:16KL5912KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAlbanyTerminal S - C40En Route - On Time
19:2019:17KL7741KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesGainesvilleTerminal S - D5En Route - On Time
19:20KL5186KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSeattleTerminal S - A32En Route - On Time
19:2020:45KL5045KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMinneapolisTerminal S - E9Scheduled - Delayed
19:2021:20KL5960KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSan JuanTerminal S - A20Scheduled - Delayed
19:2019:16LA6324LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileDetroitTerminal S - A31En Route - On Time
19:2019:18LA6267LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileLas VegasTerminal S - E26En Route - On Time
19:20LA6225LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSeattleTerminal S - A32En Route - On Time
19:2020:45LA8653LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileMinneapolisTerminal S - E9Scheduled - Delayed
19:2021:20LA6553LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSan JuanTerminal S - A20Scheduled - Delayed
19:2019:16VS5465Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDetroitTerminal S - A31En Route - On Time
19:2019:18VS5029Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLas VegasTerminal S - E26En Route - On Time
19:2019:15VS4344Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBirminghamTerminal S - C36Landed - On Time
19:2019:16VS2761Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAlbanyTerminal S - C40En Route - On Time
19:2019:17VS2290Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysGainesvilleTerminal S - D5En Route - On Time
19:20VS2149Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSeattleTerminal S - A32En Route - On Time
19:2020:45VS3115Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMinneapolisTerminal S - E9Scheduled - Delayed
19:2021:20VS5295Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSan JuanTerminal S - A20Scheduled - Delayed
19:2019:16AM3239Aeromexico AeromexicoDetroitTerminal S - A31En Route - On Time
19:2019:18AM4391Aeromexico AeromexicoLas VegasTerminal S - E26En Route - On Time
19:2019:15AM3710Aeromexico AeromexicoBirminghamTerminal S - C36Landed - On Time
19:2019:17AM3098Aeromexico AeromexicoGainesvilleTerminal S - D5En Route - On Time
19:20AM3332Aeromexico AeromexicoSeattleTerminal S - A32En Route - On Time
19:2020:45AM3176Aeromexico AeromexicoMinneapolisTerminal S - E9Scheduled - Delayed
19:2021:20AM4605Aeromexico AeromexicoSan JuanTerminal S - A20Scheduled - Delayed
19:2019:23AA8135American-Airlines American AirlinesDohaTerminal I En Route - Delayed
19:2019:15WS6394Westjet WestjetBirminghamTerminal S - C36Landed - On Time
19:2019:16WS6397Westjet WestjetAlbanyTerminal S - C40En Route - On Time
19:2019:17WS6555Westjet WestjetGainesvilleTerminal S - D5En Route - On Time
19:20WS6500Westjet WestjetSeattleTerminal S - A32En Route - On Time
19:2020:45WS6790Westjet WestjetMinneapolisTerminal S - E9Scheduled - Delayed
19:2021:20WS8090Westjet WestjetSan JuanTerminal S - A20Scheduled - Delayed
19:2019:23AS5808Alaska-Airlines Alaska AirlinesDohaTerminal I En Route - Delayed
19:2019:23QR756Qatar-Airways Qatar AirwaysDohaTerminal I En Route - Delayed
19:2019:16OO4100SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesAlbanyTerminal S - C40En Route - On Time
19:2019:23B65574JetBlue-Airways JetBlue AirwaysDohaTerminal I En Route - Delayed
19:2019:23MH9082Malaysia-Airlines Malaysia AirlinesDohaTerminal I En Route - Delayed
19:2019:23WB1085RwandAir RwandAirDohaTerminal I En Route - Delayed
19:2019:23WY6218Oman-Air Oman AirDohaTerminal I En Route - Delayed
19:2519:22AF2538Air-France Air FranceAustinTerminal S - B18En Route - On Time
19:2519:22DL1170Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAustinTerminal S - B18En Route - On Time
19:2519:22DL2750Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesClevelandTerminal S - B31En Route - On Time
19:2519:23DL660Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSalt Lake CityTerminal S - B3En Route - On Time
19:2520:06DL2701Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLittle RockTerminal S - B29Scheduled - Delayed
19:2519:22KL5048KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAustinTerminal S - B18En Route - On Time
19:2519:22KL5064KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesClevelandTerminal S - B31En Route - On Time
19:2519:23KL5022KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSalt Lake CityTerminal S - B3En Route - On Time
19:2520:06KL5686KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLittle RockTerminal S - B29Scheduled - Delayed
19:2519:22LA6150LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileAustinTerminal S - B18En Route - On Time
19:2519:22LA6186LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileClevelandTerminal S - B31En Route - On Time
19:2519:23LA8657LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSalt Lake CityTerminal S - B3En Route - On Time
19:2519:22VS5017Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAustinTerminal S - B18En Route - On Time
19:2519:22VS2348Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysClevelandTerminal S - B31En Route - On Time
19:2519:23VS4489Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSalt Lake CityTerminal S - B3En Route - On Time
19:2520:06VS2133Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLittle RockTerminal S - B29Scheduled - Delayed
19:2519:22AM3634Aeromexico AeromexicoAustinTerminal S - B18En Route - On Time
19:2519:22AM3088Aeromexico AeromexicoClevelandTerminal S - B31En Route - On Time
19:2519:23AM3356Aeromexico AeromexicoSalt Lake CityTerminal S - B3En Route - On Time
19:2520:06AM3377Aeromexico AeromexicoLittle RockTerminal S - B29Scheduled - Delayed
19:2519:22WS6373Westjet WestjetAustinTerminal S - B18En Route - On Time
19:2519:22WS6410Westjet WestjetClevelandTerminal S - B31En Route - On Time
19:2520:05WN1200Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesKansas CityTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
19:2719:30DL2833Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSt LouisTerminal S - A27En Route - Delayed
19:2719:30KL5500KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSt LouisTerminal S - A27En Route - Delayed
19:2719:30LA5738LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSt LouisTerminal S - A27En Route - Delayed
19:2719:30VS5317Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSt LouisTerminal S - A27En Route - Delayed
19:2719:30AM3442Aeromexico AeromexicoSt LouisTerminal S - A27En Route - Delayed
19:2719:30WS6845Westjet WestjetSt LouisTerminal S - A27En Route - Delayed
19:3019:32AF8675Air-France Air FranceNew YorkTerminal S - B32En Route - Delayed
19:3019:48AF3708Air-France Air FranceJacksonvilleTerminal S - E3En Route - Delayed
19:3019:25AF5614Air-France Air FranceIndianapolisTerminal S - B34En Route - On Time
19:3019:27AF2867Air-France Air FranceOmahaTerminal S - D13En Route - On Time
19:3019:27AF2929Air-France Air FranceSan JoseTerminal I - E12En Route - On Time
19:3020:41AF2813Air-France Air FranceLouisvilleTerminal S - B5Scheduled - Delayed
19:3019:32DL468Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNew YorkTerminal S - B32En Route - Delayed
19:3019:48DL2156Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesJacksonvilleTerminal S - E3En Route - Delayed
19:3019:25DL2350Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesIndianapolisTerminal S - B34En Route - On Time
19:3019:26DL3842Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBrunswickTerminal S - D39En Route - On Time
19:3019:27DL341Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesOmahaTerminal S - D13En Route - On Time
19:3019:27DL1931Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSan JoseTerminal I - E12En Route - On Time
19:3020:41DL1339Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLouisvilleTerminal S - B5Scheduled - Delayed
19:3019:32KL6936KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNew YorkTerminal S - B32En Route - Delayed
19:3019:48KL7058KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesJacksonvilleTerminal S - E3En Route - Delayed
19:3019:25KL5416KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesIndianapolisTerminal S - B34En Route - On Time
19:3019:26KL5698KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBrunswickTerminal S - D39En Route - On Time
19:3019:27KL5339KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesOmahaTerminal S - D13En Route - On Time
19:3019:27KL6918KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSan JoseTerminal I - E12En Route - On Time
19:3020:41KL5508KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLouisvilleTerminal S - B5Scheduled - Delayed
19:3019:32LA8646LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNew YorkTerminal S - B32En Route - Delayed
19:3019:48LA6220LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileJacksonvilleTerminal S - E3En Route - Delayed
19:3019:25LA6574LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileIndianapolisTerminal S - B34En Route - On Time
19:3019:32VS2396Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNew YorkTerminal S - B32En Route - Delayed
19:3019:48VS5121Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysJacksonvilleTerminal S - E3En Route - Delayed
19:3019:25VS5109Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysIndianapolisTerminal S - B34En Route - On Time
19:3019:26VS2336Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBrunswickTerminal S - D39En Route - On Time
19:3019:27VS2643Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysOmahaTerminal S - D13En Route - On Time
19:3020:41VS1875Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLouisvilleTerminal S - B5Scheduled - Delayed
19:3019:32AM3597Aeromexico AeromexicoNew YorkTerminal S - B32En Route - Delayed
19:3019:48AM3087Aeromexico AeromexicoJacksonvilleTerminal S - E3En Route - Delayed
19:3019:25AM3144Aeromexico AeromexicoIndianapolisTerminal S - B34En Route - On Time
19:3019:27AM3180Aeromexico AeromexicoOmahaTerminal S - D13En Route - On Time
19:3020:41AM3336Aeromexico AeromexicoLouisvilleTerminal S - B5Scheduled - Delayed
19:3019:25WS6447Westjet WestjetIndianapolisTerminal S - B34En Route - On Time
19:3019:26WS6509Westjet WestjetBrunswickTerminal S - D39En Route - On Time
19:3020:41WS6681Westjet WestjetLouisvilleTerminal S - B5Scheduled - Delayed
19:3019:26OO3842SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesBrunswickTerminal S - D39En Route - On Time
19:3020:03WN3555Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesColumbusTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
19:3219:30UA2634United-Airlines United AirlinesDullesTerminal N En Route - On Time
19:3219:30CM2126Copa-Airlines Copa AirlinesDullesTerminal N En Route - On Time
19:3419:27AF5814Air-France Air FranceColumbiaTerminal S - B36En Route - On Time
19:3419:27DL2696Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesColumbiaTerminal S - B36En Route - On Time
19:3419:27KE3759Korean-Air Korean AirColumbiaTerminal S - B36En Route - On Time
19:3419:27KL5699KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesColumbiaTerminal S - B36En Route - On Time
19:3419:27VS2535Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysColumbiaTerminal S - B36En Route - On Time
19:3419:27AM3037Aeromexico AeromexicoColumbiaTerminal S - B36En Route - On Time
19:3419:27WS6550Westjet WestjetColumbiaTerminal S - B36En Route - On Time
19:3519:33AF8738Air-France Air FranceCharlotteTerminal S - D12En Route - On Time
19:35AF2548Air-France Air FranceAshevilleTerminal S - C49En Route - On Time
19:3519:33DL2092Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesCharlotteTerminal S - D12En Route - On Time
19:35DL2275Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAshevilleTerminal S - C49En Route - On Time
19:3520:50DL61Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesRio De JaneiroTerminal I - E36Scheduled - Delayed
19:3520:50KE7291Korean-Air Korean AirRio De JaneiroTerminal I - E36Scheduled - Delayed
19:3519:33KL7287KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesCharlotteTerminal S - D12En Route - On Time
19:35KL5338KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAshevilleTerminal S - C49En Route - On Time
19:3519:33LA6432LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileCharlotteTerminal S - D12En Route - On Time
19:3520:50LA6347LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileRio De JaneiroTerminal I - E36Scheduled - Delayed
19:3519:33VS5003Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysCharlotteTerminal S - D12En Route - On Time
19:35VS2776Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAshevilleTerminal S - C49En Route - On Time
19:3519:33AM3469Aeromexico AeromexicoCharlotteTerminal S - D12En Route - On Time
19:35AM3004Aeromexico AeromexicoAshevilleTerminal S - C49En Route - On Time
19:3519:26AA5558American-Airlines American AirlinesWashingtonTerminal N - T10En Route - On Time
19:3519:33WS6740Westjet WestjetCharlotteTerminal S - D12En Route - On Time
19:35WS6303Westjet WestjetAshevilleTerminal S - C49En Route - On Time
19:3519:26QR2312Qatar-Airways Qatar AirwaysWashingtonTerminal N - T10En Route - On Time
19:3519:26OH5558Jetstream-International-Airlines Jetstream International AirlinesWashingtonTerminal N - T10En Route - On Time
19:3519:33WN1892Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesAustinTerminal S - C2En Route - On Time
19:3519:54WN3409Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesSt LouisTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
19:3519:34WN1412Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesDenverTerminal N En Route - On Time
19:3519:54WN3515Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesPhiladelphiaTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
19:3519:56WN1854Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesSan AntonioTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
19:3720:52NK1560Spirit-Airlines Spirit AirlinesDetroitTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
19:4019:39AF8824Air-France Air FranceMonroeTerminal S - D40En Route - On Time
19:4021:53AF2255Air-France Air FranceRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A3Scheduled - Delayed
19:4019:38DL147Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSantiagoTerminal I - E28En Route - On Time
19:4019:39DL4885Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMonroeTerminal S - D40En Route - On Time
19:4021:53DL1518Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A3Scheduled - Delayed
19:4019:38KE7299Korean-Air Korean AirSantiagoTerminal I - E28En Route - On Time
19:4019:39KL5796KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMonroeTerminal S - D40En Route - On Time
19:4021:53KL5172KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A3Scheduled - Delayed
19:4019:38LA6357LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSantiagoTerminal I - E28En Route - On Time
19:4021:53LA8960LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A3Scheduled - Delayed
19:4019:39VS2837Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMonroeTerminal S - D40En Route - On Time
19:4021:53VS5229Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A3Scheduled - Delayed
19:4021:53AM3103Aeromexico AeromexicoRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A3Scheduled - Delayed
19:4019:39WS6646Westjet WestjetMonroeTerminal S - D40En Route - On Time
19:4021:53WS6497Westjet WestjetRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A3Scheduled - Delayed
19:4019:399E4885Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirMonroeTerminal S - D40En Route - On Time
19:4020:03WN1511Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesMemphisTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
19:4021:52WN2128Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesTampaTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
19:4120:40AA1237American-Airlines American AirlinesMiamiTerminal N - T12Scheduled - Delayed
19:4120:40BA1670British-Airways British AirwaysMiamiTerminal N - T12Scheduled - Delayed
19:4120:40QR2226Qatar-Airways Qatar AirwaysMiamiTerminal N - T12Scheduled - Delayed
19:4120:40GF6526Gulf-Air Gulf AirMiamiTerminal N - T12Scheduled - Delayed
19:4120:40G36159GOL-Linhas-Aereas-Inteligentes GOL Linhas Aereas InteligentesMiamiTerminal N - T12Scheduled - Delayed
19:4419:39DL888Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPortlandTerminal S - E5En Route - On Time
19:4419:39KL5474KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPortlandTerminal S - E5En Route - On Time
19:4419:39LA8485LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChilePortlandTerminal S - E5En Route - On Time
19:4419:39VS2654Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPortlandTerminal S - E5En Route - On Time
19:4419:39AM4577Aeromexico AeromexicoPortlandTerminal S - E5En Route - On Time
19:4520:37AF8601Air-France Air FranceWashingtonTerminal S - C47Scheduled - Delayed
19:4520:37DL637Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesWashingtonTerminal S - C47Scheduled - Delayed
19:45DL2192Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBaltimoreTerminal S - A15En Route - On Time
19:4520:37KL7002KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesWashingtonTerminal S - C47Scheduled - Delayed
19:45KL5362KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBaltimoreTerminal S - A15En Route - On Time
19:4520:37LA8495LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileWashingtonTerminal S - C47Scheduled - Delayed
19:45LA6491LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileBaltimoreTerminal S - A15En Route - On Time
19:4520:37VS2573Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysWashingtonTerminal S - C47Scheduled - Delayed
19:45VS2527Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBaltimoreTerminal S - A15En Route - On Time
19:4520:37AM3016Aeromexico AeromexicoWashingtonTerminal S - C47Scheduled - Delayed
19:45AM3061Aeromexico AeromexicoBaltimoreTerminal S - A15En Route - On Time
19:45WS6441Westjet WestjetBaltimoreTerminal S - A15En Route - On Time
19:4520:39WN3635Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesChicagoTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
19:4920:30DL2369Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNashvilleTerminal S - B12Scheduled - Delayed
19:4920:30KL6638KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNashvilleTerminal S - B12Scheduled - Delayed
19:4920:30LA6420LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNashvilleTerminal S - B12Scheduled - Delayed
19:4920:30VS5001Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNashvilleTerminal S - B12Scheduled - Delayed
19:4920:30AM3394Aeromexico AeromexicoNashvilleTerminal S - B12Scheduled - Delayed
19:5019:47AF5806Air-France Air FranceNorfolkTerminal S - E15En Route - On Time
19:5019:48AF5967Air-France Air FranceHoustonTerminal S - B21En Route - On Time
19:5020:07DL972Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPensacolaTerminal S - F10Scheduled - On Time
19:5019:47DL2984Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNorfolkTerminal S - E15En Route - On Time
19:5019:48DL1284Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHoustonTerminal S - B21En Route - On Time
19:5020:07KL6582KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPensacolaTerminal S - F10Scheduled - On Time
19:5019:47KL5466KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNorfolkTerminal S - E15En Route - On Time
19:5019:48KL5410KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesHoustonTerminal S - B21En Route - On Time
19:5019:48LA6395LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileHoustonTerminal S - B21En Route - On Time
19:5020:07VS3129Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPensacolaTerminal S - F10Scheduled - On Time
19:5019:47VS2647Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNorfolkTerminal S - E15En Route - On Time
19:5019:48VS5101Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysHoustonTerminal S - B21En Route - On Time
19:5020:07AM3398Aeromexico AeromexicoPensacolaTerminal S - F10Scheduled - On Time
19:5019:47AM3196Aeromexico AeromexicoNorfolkTerminal S - E15En Route - On Time
19:5019:47WS6962Westjet WestjetNorfolkTerminal S - E15En Route - On Time
19:5019:48WS6411Westjet WestjetHoustonTerminal S - B21En Route - On Time
19:5020:199X495Southern-Airways Southern AirwaysJacksonScheduled - On Time
19:5219:40AF2489Air-France Air FranceAlexandriaTerminal S - D44En Route - On Time
19:5219:40DL5134Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAlexandriaTerminal S - D44En Route - On Time
19:5219:40KL5914KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAlexandriaTerminal S - D44En Route - On Time
19:5219:40VS2767Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAlexandriaTerminal S - D44En Route - On Time
19:5219:40WS6361Westjet WestjetAlexandriaTerminal S - D44En Route - On Time
19:5219:409E5134Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirAlexandriaTerminal S - D44En Route - On Time
19:5319:45AF3689Air-France Air FranceKansas CityTerminal S - C46En Route - On Time
19:5319:45DL2795Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKansas CityTerminal S - C46En Route - On Time
19:5319:45KL5114KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKansas CityTerminal S - C46En Route - On Time
19:5319:45LA8474LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileKansas CityTerminal S - C46En Route - On Time
19:5319:45VS5149Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysKansas CityTerminal S - C46En Route - On Time
19:5319:45AM3197Aeromexico AeromexicoKansas CityTerminal S - C46En Route - On Time
19:5319:45WS6469Westjet WestjetKansas CityTerminal S - C46En Route - On Time
19:5421:10AF2926Air-France Air FrancePhoenixTerminal S - A6Scheduled - Delayed
19:5419:51AF3687Air-France Air FranceWest Palm BeachTerminal S - B27En Route - On Time
19:5419:45AF5652Air-France Air FranceAugustaTerminal S - C37En Route - On Time
19:5419:46AF5922Air-France Air FranceSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - T4En Route - On Time
19:5419:51AF5728Air-France Air FranceLexingtonTerminal S - B1En Route - On Time
19:5421:10DL757Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPhoenixTerminal S - A6Scheduled - Delayed
19:5419:51DL1606Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesWest Palm BeachTerminal S - B27En Route - On Time
19:5419:45DL4880Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAugustaTerminal S - C37En Route - On Time
19:5419:46DL1057Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - T4En Route - On Time
19:5419:51DL2769Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLexingtonTerminal S - B1En Route - On Time
19:5420:04DL2784Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesOklahoma CityTerminal S - C43Scheduled - Delayed
19:5421:10KL5110KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPhoenixTerminal S - A6Scheduled - Delayed
19:5419:51KL5470KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesWest Palm BeachTerminal S - B27En Route - On Time
19:5419:45KL5565KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAugustaTerminal S - C37En Route - On Time
19:5419:46KL5524KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - T4En Route - On Time
19:5419:51KL5955KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLexingtonTerminal S - B1En Route - On Time
19:5420:04KL5140KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesOklahoma CityTerminal S - C43Scheduled - Delayed
19:5421:10LA7023LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChilePhoenixTerminal S - A6Scheduled - Delayed
19:5421:10VS5225Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPhoenixTerminal S - A6Scheduled - Delayed
19:5419:51VS5217Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysWest Palm BeachTerminal S - B27En Route - On Time
19:5419:45VS2507Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAugustaTerminal S - C37En Route - On Time
19:5419:46VS5172Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - T4En Route - On Time
19:5419:51VS1613Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLexingtonTerminal S - B1En Route - On Time
19:5420:04VS5357Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysOklahoma CityTerminal S - C43Scheduled - Delayed
19:5421:10AM3577Aeromexico AeromexicoPhoenixTerminal S - A6Scheduled - Delayed
19:5419:51AM3322Aeromexico AeromexicoWest Palm BeachTerminal S - B27En Route - On Time
19:5419:45AM3033Aeromexico AeromexicoAugustaTerminal S - C37En Route - On Time
19:5419:46AM3361Aeromexico AeromexicoSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - T4En Route - On Time
19:5419:51AM3166Aeromexico AeromexicoLexingtonTerminal S - B1En Route - On Time
19:5420:04AM3150Aeromexico AeromexicoOklahoma CityTerminal S - C43Scheduled - Delayed
19:5419:45WS6391Westjet WestjetAugustaTerminal S - C37En Route - On Time
19:5419:46WS6526Westjet WestjetSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - T4En Route - On Time
19:5419:51WS6425Westjet WestjetLexingtonTerminal S - B1En Route - On Time
19:5419:459E4880Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirAugustaTerminal S - C37En Route - On Time
19:5521:10AF2230Air-France Air FranceFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A18Scheduled - Delayed
19:5519:56AF2499Air-France Air FranceBostonTerminal S - B22En Route - Delayed
19:5519:51DL2928Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSavannahTerminal S - B4En Route - On Time
19:5521:10DL1489Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A18Scheduled - Delayed
19:5519:56DL518Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBostonTerminal S - B22En Route - Delayed
19:5521:15DL1263Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesRichmondTerminal S - A26Scheduled - Delayed
19:5519:51KL5627KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSavannahTerminal S - B4En Route - On Time
19:5521:10KL5030KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A18Scheduled - Delayed
19:5519:56KL5010KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBostonTerminal S - B22En Route - Delayed
19:5521:15KL5178KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesRichmondTerminal S - A26Scheduled - Delayed
19:5521:10LA8452LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A18Scheduled - Delayed
19:5519:56LA6446LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileBostonTerminal S - B22En Route - Delayed
19:5521:15LA6573LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileRichmondTerminal S - A26Scheduled - Delayed
19:5519:51VS3074Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSavannahTerminal S - B4En Route - On Time
19:5521:10VS5083Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A18Scheduled - Delayed
19:5519:56VS2377Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBostonTerminal S - B22En Route - Delayed
19:5521:15VS2677Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysRichmondTerminal S - A26Scheduled - Delayed
19:5519:51AM3123Aeromexico AeromexicoSavannahTerminal S - B4En Route - On Time
19:5521:10AM3218Aeromexico AeromexicoFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A18Scheduled - Delayed
19:5519:56AM3287Aeromexico AeromexicoBostonTerminal S - B22En Route - Delayed
19:5521:15AM3242Aeromexico AeromexicoRichmondTerminal S - A26Scheduled - Delayed
19:5521:15WS6985Westjet WestjetRichmondTerminal S - A26Scheduled - Delayed
19:5520:11WN379Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesBaltimoreTerminal S - C17Scheduled - Delayed
19:59AF8755Air-France Air FranceLos AngelesTerminal S - E2En Route - On Time
19:5921:08AF5695Air-France Air FranceNew YorkTerminal S - A1Scheduled - Delayed
19:5919:56AF2990Air-France Air FranceValdostaTerminal S - D6En Route - On Time
19:5919:56AF5735Air-France Air FranceColumbusTerminal S - F14En Route - On Time
19:59DL319Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLos AngelesTerminal S - E2En Route - On Time
19:5921:08DL2378Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNew YorkTerminal S - A1Scheduled - Delayed
19:5919:56DL5443Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesValdostaTerminal S - D6En Route - On Time
19:5919:56DL2890Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesColumbusTerminal S - F14En Route - On Time
19:5919:57DL2914Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesFort MyersTerminal S - B9En Route - On Time
19:5919:57DL2034Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHartfordTerminal S - E1En Route - On Time
19:5919:58DL933Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSan JoseTerminal S - D9AEn Route - On Time
19:5921:08KE7265Korean-Air Korean AirNew YorkTerminal S - A1Scheduled - Delayed
19:59KL6934KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLos AngelesTerminal S - E2En Route - On Time
19:5921:08KL5000KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNew YorkTerminal S - A1Scheduled - Delayed
19:5919:56KL5812KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesValdostaTerminal S - D6En Route - On Time
19:5919:56KL5378KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesColumbusTerminal S - F14En Route - On Time
19:5919:57KL5498KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesFort MyersTerminal S - B9En Route - On Time
19:5919:57KL5056KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesHartfordTerminal S - E1En Route - On Time
19:5919:58KL5810KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSan JoseTerminal S - D9AEn Route - On Time
19:59LA6147LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileLos AngelesTerminal S - E2En Route - On Time
19:5921:08LA6143LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNew YorkTerminal S - A1Scheduled - Delayed
19:5919:56LA6601LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileColumbusTerminal S - F14En Route - On Time
19:5919:57LA8980LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileHartfordTerminal S - E1En Route - On Time
19:59VS4383Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLos AngelesTerminal S - E2En Route - On Time
19:5921:08VS4868Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNew YorkTerminal S - A1Scheduled - Delayed
19:5919:56VS3228Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysValdostaTerminal S - D6En Route - On Time
19:5919:56VS5393Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysColumbusTerminal S - F14En Route - On Time
19:5919:57VS3180Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysFort MyersTerminal S - B9En Route - On Time
19:5919:57VS1531Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysHartfordTerminal S - E1En Route - On Time
19:5919:58VS3245Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSan JoseTerminal S - D9AEn Route - On Time
19:5921:08AM3272Aeromexico AeromexicoNew YorkTerminal S - A1Scheduled - Delayed
19:5919:56AM3022Aeromexico AeromexicoColumbusTerminal S - F14En Route - On Time
19:5919:57AM3030Aeromexico AeromexicoFort MyersTerminal S - B9En Route - On Time
19:5919:57AM3132Aeromexico AeromexicoHartfordTerminal S - E1En Route - On Time
19:5919:58AM4583Aeromexico AeromexicoSan JoseTerminal S - D9AEn Route - On Time
19:5921:08WS6502Westjet WestjetNew YorkTerminal S - A1Scheduled - Delayed
19:5919:56WS6480Westjet WestjetValdostaTerminal S - D6En Route - On Time
19:5919:56WS6444Westjet WestjetColumbusTerminal S - F14En Route - On Time
19:5919:57WS6514Westjet WestjetFort MyersTerminal S - B9En Route - On Time
19:5919:569E5443Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirValdostaTerminal S - D6En Route - On Time
20:0020:15AF5817Air-France Air FranceMemphisTerminal S - B10Scheduled - Delayed
20:0019:54DL2370Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesTallahasseeTerminal S - B16En Route - On Time
20:0019:59DL2185Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesGreensboroTerminal S - D7En Route - On Time
20:0020:15DL2001Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMemphisTerminal S - B10Scheduled - Delayed
20:0019:54KL5742KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesTallahasseeTerminal S - B16En Route - On Time
20:0019:59KL6732KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesGreensboroTerminal S - D7En Route - On Time
20:0020:15KL7138KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMemphisTerminal S - B10Scheduled - Delayed
20:0020:15LA6135LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileMemphisTerminal S - B10Scheduled - Delayed
20:0019:54VS3249Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysTallahasseeTerminal S - B16En Route - On Time
20:0019:59VS3061Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysGreensboroTerminal S - D7En Route - On Time
20:0020:15VS5183Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMemphisTerminal S - B10Scheduled - Delayed
20:0019:54AM3453Aeromexico AeromexicoTallahasseeTerminal S - B16En Route - On Time
20:0019:59AM3118Aeromexico AeromexicoGreensboroTerminal S - D7En Route - On Time
20:0020:15AM3403Aeromexico AeromexicoMemphisTerminal S - B10Scheduled - Delayed
20:0019:54WS6867Westjet WestjetTallahasseeTerminal S - B16En Route - On Time
20:0019:59WS6743Westjet WestjetGreensboroTerminal S - D7En Route - On Time
20:0020:15WS6739Westjet WestjetMemphisTerminal S - B10Scheduled - Delayed
20:0020:10WN527Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesJacksonTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
20:05AF3510Air-France Air FranceOrlandoTerminal S - A28Scheduled - On Time
20:0522:18AF2279Air-France Air FranceSan AntonioTerminal S - A34Scheduled - Delayed
20:05DL1340Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesOrlandoTerminal S - A28Scheduled - On Time
20:0522:18DL2893Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSan AntonioTerminal S - A34Scheduled - Delayed
20:05KE3750Korean-Air Korean AirOrlandoTerminal S - A28Scheduled - On Time
20:0522:18KE3572Korean-Air Korean AirSan AntonioTerminal S - A34Scheduled - Delayed
20:05KL5303KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesOrlandoTerminal S - A28Scheduled - On Time
20:0522:18KL5184KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSan AntonioTerminal S - A34Scheduled - Delayed
20:05LA6341LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileOrlandoTerminal S - A28Scheduled - On Time
20:0522:18LA6164LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSan AntonioTerminal S - A34Scheduled - Delayed
20:05VS5159Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysOrlandoTerminal S - A28Scheduled - On Time
20:0522:18VS3073Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSan AntonioTerminal S - A34Scheduled - Delayed
20:05AM3177Aeromexico AeromexicoOrlandoTerminal S - A28Scheduled - On Time
20:0522:18WS6630Westjet WestjetSan AntonioTerminal S - A34Scheduled - Delayed
20:0520:15WN2808Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesHoustonTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26AF2395Air-France Air FranceJacksonTerminal S - D24Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26AF8606Air-France Air FranceNew OrleansTerminal S - E34Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26AF3671Air-France Air FranceRomeTerminal I - E11Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26DL2751Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesJacksonTerminal S - D24Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26DL2451Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNew OrleansTerminal S - E34Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26DL66Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesRomeTerminal I - E11Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26KE6933Korean-Air Korean AirJacksonTerminal S - D24Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26KE6973Korean-Air Korean AirNew OrleansTerminal S - E34Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26KL5420KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesJacksonTerminal S - D24Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26KL6636KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNew OrleansTerminal S - E34Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26KL6061KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesRomeTerminal I - E11Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26LA8947LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNew OrleansTerminal S - E34Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26VS2128Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysJacksonTerminal S - D24Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26VS5199Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNew OrleansTerminal S - E34Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26AM3160Aeromexico AeromexicoJacksonTerminal S - D24Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26AM4413Aeromexico AeromexicoNew OrleansTerminal S - E34Scheduled - On Time
20:1020:26AM5189Aeromexico AeromexicoRomeTerminal I - E11Scheduled - On Time
20:15AF3655Air-France Air FranceAmsterdamTerminal I - E10Scheduled - On Time
20:1520:31AF2461Air-France Air FranceEl PasoTerminal S - B33Scheduled - On Time
20:15DL74Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAmsterdamTerminal I - E10Scheduled - On Time
20:1520:31DL1292Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesEl PasoTerminal S - B33Scheduled - On Time
20:1520:31DL989Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesOntarioTerminal S - B25Scheduled - On Time
20:1520:31KE3529Korean-Air Korean AirEl PasoTerminal S - B33Scheduled - On Time
20:15KL6012KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAmsterdamTerminal I - E10Scheduled - On Time
20:1520:31KL5932KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesEl PasoTerminal S - B33Scheduled - On Time
20:1520:31KL5462KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesOntarioTerminal S - B25Scheduled - On Time
20:15VS3948Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAmsterdamTerminal I - E10Scheduled - On Time
20:1520:31VS5411Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysEl PasoTerminal S - B33Scheduled - On Time
20:1520:31AM3614Aeromexico AeromexicoEl PasoTerminal S - B33Scheduled - On Time
20:1520:31AM3928Aeromexico AeromexicoOntarioTerminal S - B25Scheduled - On Time
20:1620:32AA2403American-Airlines American AirlinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T11Scheduled - Delayed
20:1620:32AS6136Alaska-Airlines Alaska AirlinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T11Scheduled - Delayed
20:1620:32QF4703Qantas-Airways Qantas AirwaysDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T11Scheduled - Delayed
20:1620:32QR7926Qatar-Airways Qatar AirwaysDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T11Scheduled - Delayed
20:17NK963Spirit-Airlines Spirit AirlinesHoustonTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
20:2020:36AF2723Air-France Air FranceKnoxvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
20:2020:36DL5224Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKnoxvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
20:2021:05DL1234Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMiamiTerminal S - A11Scheduled - Delayed
20:2020:36DL2251Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPhiladelphiaTerminal S - B24Scheduled - On Time
20:2020:36KE7049Korean-Air Korean AirKnoxvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
20:2021:05KE7093Korean-Air Korean AirMiamiTerminal S - A11Scheduled - Delayed
20:2020:36KE3661Korean-Air Korean AirPhiladelphiaTerminal S - B24Scheduled - On Time
20:2020:36KL6950KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKnoxvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
20:2021:05KL6682KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMiamiTerminal S - A11Scheduled - Delayed
20:2020:36KL5158KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPhiladelphiaTerminal S - B24Scheduled - On Time
20:2021:05LA6302LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileMiamiTerminal S - A11Scheduled - Delayed
20:2020:36LA6340LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChilePhiladelphiaTerminal S - B24Scheduled - On Time
20:2020:36VS4475Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysKnoxvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
20:2021:05VS2623Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMiamiTerminal S - A11Scheduled - Delayed
20:2020:36VS2659Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPhiladelphiaTerminal S - B24Scheduled - On Time
20:2020:36AM4371Aeromexico AeromexicoKnoxvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
20:2021:05AM3151Aeromexico AeromexicoMiamiTerminal S - A11Scheduled - Delayed
20:2020:36AM3274Aeromexico AeromexicoPhiladelphiaTerminal S - B24Scheduled - On Time
20:2020:369E5224Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirKnoxvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
20:2520:41AF2412Air-France Air FranceSanta AnaTerminal S - A12Scheduled - On Time
20:2520:41AF8551Air-France Air FranceChattanoogaTerminal S - C34Scheduled - On Time
20:2520:41DL556Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSanta AnaTerminal S - A12Scheduled - On Time
20:2520:41DL2810Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesChattanoogaTerminal S - C34Scheduled - On Time
20:2520:41KE7063Korean-Air Korean AirChattanoogaTerminal S - C34Scheduled - On Time
20:2520:41KL5520KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSanta AnaTerminal S - A12Scheduled - On Time
20:2520:41KL7240KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesChattanoogaTerminal S - C34Scheduled - On Time
20:2520:41VS2696Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSanta AnaTerminal S - A12Scheduled - On Time
20:2520:41VS2540Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysChattanoogaTerminal S - C34Scheduled - On Time
20:2520:41AM4562Aeromexico AeromexicoSanta AnaTerminal S - A12Scheduled - On Time
20:2520:41AM4215Aeromexico AeromexicoChattanoogaTerminal S - C34Scheduled - On Time
20:2520:41WS7773Westjet WestjetChattanoogaTerminal S - C34Scheduled - On Time
20:2522:25WN1663Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesLas VegasTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
20:3020:42AF2757Air-France Air FranceJacksonvilleTerminal S - E4Scheduled - Delayed
20:30AF689Air-France Air FranceParisTerminal I Cancelled
20:3020:45DL490Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNew YorkTerminal S - B19Scheduled - On Time
20:3020:42DL1096Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesJacksonvilleTerminal S - E4Scheduled - Delayed
20:30DL8672Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesParisTerminal I Cancelled
20:3020:45KE3545Korean-Air Korean AirNew YorkTerminal S - B19Scheduled - On Time
20:3020:42KE6935Korean-Air Korean AirJacksonvilleTerminal S - E4Scheduled - Delayed
20:30KL2200KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesParisTerminal I Cancelled
20:3020:45LA7997LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNew YorkTerminal S - B19Scheduled - On Time
20:3020:42LA8633LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileJacksonvilleTerminal S - E4Scheduled - Delayed
20:3020:45VS2607Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNew YorkTerminal S - B19Scheduled - On Time
20:3020:42VS5117Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysJacksonvilleTerminal S - E4Scheduled - Delayed
20:30VS6745Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysParisTerminal I Cancelled
20:3020:45AM4178Aeromexico AeromexicoNew YorkTerminal S - B19Scheduled - On Time
20:3020:42AM3569Aeromexico AeromexicoJacksonvilleTerminal S - E4Scheduled - Delayed
20:3022:03WN3075Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesPhoenixTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
20:3021:45WN1030Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesDallasTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
20:30FTH246Mountain-Aviation Mountain AviationAtlantaScheduled - On Time
20:3221:17DL2189Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesValparaisoTerminal S - E6Scheduled - Delayed
20:3221:17KE3728Korean-Air Korean AirValparaisoTerminal S - E6Scheduled - Delayed
20:3221:17KL6240KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesValparaisoTerminal S - E6Scheduled - Delayed
20:3221:17VS2706Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysValparaisoTerminal S - E6Scheduled - Delayed
20:3221:17AM3363Aeromexico AeromexicoValparaisoTerminal S - E6Scheduled - Delayed
20:3221:01NK2063Spirit-Airlines Spirit AirlinesOrlandoTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
20:35AF5995Air-France Air FranceAlbuquerqueTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
20:3520:50AF3554Air-France Air FranceDublinTerminal S - E18Scheduled - On Time
20:35DL1531Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAlbuquerqueTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
20:3520:50DL176Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDublinTerminal S - E18Scheduled - On Time
20:35KE3600Korean-Air Korean AirAlbuquerqueTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
20:35KL5326KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAlbuquerqueTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
20:3520:50KL6023KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDublinTerminal S - E18Scheduled - On Time
20:35VS4339Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAlbuquerqueTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
20:35AM3015Aeromexico AeromexicoAlbuquerqueTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
20:37AC3046Air-Canada Air CanadaNewarkTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
20:37UA398United-Airlines United AirlinesNewarkTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
20:4521:01AF5850Air-France Air FranceDenverTerminal S - B28Scheduled - On Time
20:4521:01DL493Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDenverTerminal S - B28Scheduled - On Time
20:4520:57DL682Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSacramentoTerminal S - T7Scheduled - Delayed
20:4521:01KE3632Korean-Air Korean AirDenverTerminal S - B28Scheduled - On Time
20:4521:01KL5078KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDenverTerminal S - B28Scheduled - On Time
20:4520:57KL5981KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSacramentoTerminal S - T7Scheduled - Delayed
20:4521:01LA8997LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileDenverTerminal S - B28Scheduled - On Time
20:4521:01VS4699Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDenverTerminal S - B28Scheduled - On Time
20:4520:57VS5373Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSacramentoTerminal S - T7Scheduled - Delayed
20:4521:01AM4193Aeromexico AeromexicoDenverTerminal S - B28Scheduled - On Time
20:4520:57AM3256Aeromexico AeromexicoSacramentoTerminal S - T7Scheduled - Delayed
20:4521:15WN2559Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesNew YorkTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
20:5521:40AF5976Air-France Air FranceDallas-Fort WorthTerminal S - B28Scheduled - Delayed
20:5521:10AF8682Air-France Air FranceTampaTerminal S - A9Scheduled - Delayed
20:5521:11AF2233Air-France Air FranceHuntsvilleTerminal S - C40Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11AF2677Air-France Air FranceTucsonTerminal S - B2Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11AF3053Air-France Air FranceGreenvilleTerminal S - E29Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11AF8758Air-France Air FranceDallasTerminal S - B17Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11DL1502Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDetroitTerminal S - F6Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:40DL31Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal S - B28Scheduled - Delayed
20:5521:11DL378Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesWashingtonTerminal S - T1Scheduled - On Time
20:55DL2670Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBaltimoreTerminal S - F4Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:10DL1591Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesTampaTerminal S - A9Scheduled - Delayed
20:5521:11DL2464Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHuntsvilleTerminal S - C40Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11DL1251Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesTucsonTerminal S - B2Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11DL2179Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesGreenvilleTerminal S - E29Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11DL1220Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDallasTerminal S - B17Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11KE6883Korean-Air Korean AirDetroitTerminal S - F6Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:40KE3151Korean-Air Korean AirDallas-Fort WorthTerminal S - B28Scheduled - Delayed
20:5521:11KE3700Korean-Air Korean AirWashingtonTerminal S - T1Scheduled - On Time
20:55KE3670Korean-Air Korean AirBaltimoreTerminal S - F4Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:10KE7159Korean-Air Korean AirTampaTerminal S - A9Scheduled - Delayed
20:5521:11KE7164Korean-Air Korean AirHuntsvilleTerminal S - C40Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11KE6903Korean-Air Korean AirGreenvilleTerminal S - E29Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11KE3615Korean-Air Korean AirDallasTerminal S - B17Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11KL5012KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDetroitTerminal S - F6Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:40KL5084KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal S - B28Scheduled - Delayed
20:55KL5360KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBaltimoreTerminal S - F4Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:10KL7136KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesTampaTerminal S - A9Scheduled - Delayed
20:5521:11KL5400KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesHuntsvilleTerminal S - C40Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11KL5964KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesTucsonTerminal S - B2Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11KL5100KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesGreenvilleTerminal S - E29Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11KL5199KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDallasTerminal S - B17Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11LA6191LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileDetroitTerminal S - F6Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:40LA6126LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileDallas-Fort WorthTerminal S - B28Scheduled - Delayed
20:5521:11LA8757LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileWashingtonTerminal S - T1Scheduled - On Time
20:55LA6464LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileBaltimoreTerminal S - F4Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:10LA6212LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileTampaTerminal S - A9Scheduled - Delayed
20:5521:11VS1870Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDetroitTerminal S - F6Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:40VS5071Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDallas-Fort WorthTerminal S - B28Scheduled - Delayed
20:55VS2529Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBaltimoreTerminal S - F4Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:10VS5327Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysTampaTerminal S - A9Scheduled - Delayed
20:5521:11VS5184Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysHuntsvilleTerminal S - C40Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11VS5375Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysTucsonTerminal S - B2Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11VS5275Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysGreenvilleTerminal S - E29Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11VS5057Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDallasTerminal S - B17Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11AM3027Aeromexico AeromexicoDetroitTerminal S - F6Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11AM3048Aeromexico AeromexicoWashingtonTerminal S - T1Scheduled - On Time
20:55AM3072Aeromexico AeromexicoBaltimoreTerminal S - F4Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:10AM3038Aeromexico AeromexicoTampaTerminal S - A9Scheduled - Delayed
20:5521:11AM3369Aeromexico AeromexicoHuntsvilleTerminal S - C40Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11AM3203Aeromexico AeromexicoTucsonTerminal S - B2Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11AM3312Aeromexico AeromexicoGreenvilleTerminal S - E29Scheduled - On Time
20:5521:11WS6615Westjet WestjetDallasTerminal S - B17Scheduled - On Time
20:5621:12AF8642Air-France Air FranceNewarkTerminal S - F9Scheduled - On Time
20:5621:12DL2527Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNewarkTerminal S - F9Scheduled - On Time
20:5621:12KE3533Korean-Air Korean AirNewarkTerminal S - F9Scheduled - On Time
20:5621:12KL7144KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNewarkTerminal S - F9Scheduled - On Time
20:5621:12LA6377LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNewarkTerminal S - F9Scheduled - On Time
20:5621:12VS4470Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNewarkTerminal S - F9Scheduled - On Time
20:5621:12AM3661Aeromexico AeromexicoNewarkTerminal S - F9Scheduled - On Time
20:56NK1877Spirit-Airlines Spirit AirlinesFort LauderdaleTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
20:5921:15AF3074Air-France Air FranceCharlestonTerminal S - A34Scheduled - On Time
20:5921:15DL2493Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesCharlestonTerminal S - A34Scheduled - On Time
20:5921:15KE6861Korean-Air Korean AirCharlestonTerminal S - A34Scheduled - On Time
20:5921:15KL5372KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesCharlestonTerminal S - A34Scheduled - On Time
20:5921:15VS5031Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysCharlestonTerminal S - A34Scheduled - On Time
20:5921:15AM3183Aeromexico AeromexicoCharlestonTerminal S - A34Scheduled - On Time
21:0020:50DL5127Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLafayetteTerminal S - D8Scheduled - On Time
21:0020:55DL3978Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesColumbusTerminal S - C50Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:45DL2889Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesRichmondTerminal S - A7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0021:16DL4910Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDothanTerminal S - D44Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:16DL5074Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesColumbus/W Point/StarkvilleTerminal S - D28Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:16DL2615Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSioux FallsTerminal S - E33Scheduled - On Time
21:0020:50KE3742Korean-Air Korean AirLafayetteTerminal S - D8Scheduled - On Time
21:0020:55KE6867Korean-Air Korean AirColumbusTerminal S - C50Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:45KE7011Korean-Air Korean AirRichmondTerminal S - A7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0021:16KE3152Korean-Air Korean AirDothanTerminal S - D44Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:16KE6905Korean-Air Korean AirColumbus/W Point/StarkvilleTerminal S - D28Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:16KE3538Korean-Air Korean AirSioux FallsTerminal S - E33Scheduled - On Time
21:0020:50KL5786KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLafayetteTerminal S - D8Scheduled - On Time
21:0020:55KL5928KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesColumbusTerminal S - C50Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:45KL6758KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesRichmondTerminal S - A7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0021:16KL5930KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDothanTerminal S - D44Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:16KL6956KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesColumbus/W Point/StarkvilleTerminal S - D28Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:16KL5940KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSioux FallsTerminal S - E33Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:45LA6429LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileRichmondTerminal S - A7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0020:50VS4943Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLafayetteTerminal S - D8Scheduled - On Time
21:0020:55VS2803Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysColumbusTerminal S - C50Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:45VS2678Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysRichmondTerminal S - A7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0021:16VS2808Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDothanTerminal S - D44Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:16VS2294Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysColumbus/W Point/StarkvilleTerminal S - D28Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:16VS2822Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSioux FallsTerminal S - E33Scheduled - On Time
21:0020:50AM3557Aeromexico AeromexicoLafayetteTerminal S - D8Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:45AM3254Aeromexico AeromexicoRichmondTerminal S - A7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0021:16AM3078Aeromexico AeromexicoDothanTerminal S - D44Scheduled - On Time
21:0020:50WS6431Westjet WestjetLafayetteTerminal S - D8Scheduled - On Time
21:0020:55WS6603Westjet WestjetColumbusTerminal S - C50Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:16WS7188Westjet WestjetDothanTerminal S - D44Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:16WS8624Westjet WestjetColumbus/W Point/StarkvilleTerminal S - D28Scheduled - On Time
21:0020:55OO3978SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesColumbusTerminal S - C50Scheduled - On Time
21:0020:509E5127Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirLafayetteTerminal S - D8Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:169E4910Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirDothanTerminal S - D44Scheduled - On Time
21:0021:169E5074Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirColumbus/W Point/StarkvilleTerminal S - D28Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21AF5767Air-France Air FranceMilwaukeeTerminal S - A33Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:15AF6842Air-France Air FranceChicagoTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0520:55AF2440Air-France Air FranceSpringfieldTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21DL2970Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMilwaukeeTerminal S - A33Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21DL2503Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBirminghamTerminal S - B23Scheduled - On Time
21:0522:04DL1733Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesOrlandoTerminal S - A11Scheduled - Delayed
21:0521:15DL1076Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesChicagoTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0520:55DL5039Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSpringfieldTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21DL2494Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPanama City BeachTerminal S - B34Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21DL2368Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - B11Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21KE7095Korean-Air Korean AirMilwaukeeTerminal S - A33Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21KE7179Korean-Air Korean AirBirminghamTerminal S - B23Scheduled - On Time
21:0522:04KE6949Korean-Air Korean AirOrlandoTerminal S - A11Scheduled - Delayed
21:0521:15KE3642Korean-Air Korean AirChicagoTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0520:55KE3647Korean-Air Korean AirSpringfieldTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21KE7152Korean-Air Korean AirPanama City BeachTerminal S - B34Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21KE7007Korean-Air Korean AirRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - B11Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21KL5298KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMilwaukeeTerminal S - A33Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21KL7186KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBirminghamTerminal S - B23Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:15KL5436KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesChicagoTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0520:55KL5514KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSpringfieldTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21KL5390KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPanama City BeachTerminal S - B34Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21KL6530KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - B11Scheduled - On Time
21:0522:04LA6405LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileOrlandoTerminal S - A11Scheduled - Delayed
21:0521:15LA6431LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileChicagoTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0521:21LA6567LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - B11Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21VS5451Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMilwaukeeTerminal S - A33Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21VS5093Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBirminghamTerminal S - B23Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:15VS2617Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysChicagoTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0520:55VS2692Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSpringfieldTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21VS2585Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPanama City BeachTerminal S - B34Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21VS3072Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - B11Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21AM3165Aeromexico AeromexicoMilwaukeeTerminal S - A33Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21AM3006Aeromexico AeromexicoBirminghamTerminal S - B23Scheduled - On Time
21:0522:04AM3220Aeromexico AeromexicoOrlandoTerminal S - A11Scheduled - Delayed
21:0521:15AM3763Aeromexico AeromexicoChicagoTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0520:55AM3269Aeromexico AeromexicoSpringfieldTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21AM3210Aeromexico AeromexicoPanama City BeachTerminal S - B34Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21AM3297Aeromexico AeromexicoRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - B11Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:15WS6954Westjet WestjetChicagoTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:0520:55WS7005Westjet WestjetSpringfieldTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
21:0521:21WS6430Westjet WestjetPanama City BeachTerminal S - B34Scheduled - On Time
21:0520:559E5039Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirSpringfieldTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26AF2116Air-France Air FranceSalt Lake CityTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:05AF2132Air-France Air FranceCedar RapidsTerminal S - C30Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:15AF5775Air-France Air FranceCharlestonTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26DL453Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSalt Lake CityTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:05DL2626Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesCedar RapidsTerminal S - C30Scheduled - On Time
21:10DL5271Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAllentownTerminal S - D30Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:12DL4013Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBristol/Johnson/KingsportTerminal S - D39Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:15DL3908Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesCharlestonTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:20DL4056Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAppletonTerminal S - C35Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26DL5198Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesCharlottesvilleTerminal S - C43Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26DL101Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesEzeizaTerminal I - E30Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26KE3116Korean-Air Korean AirSalt Lake CityTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:05KE3592Korean-Air Korean AirCedar RapidsTerminal S - C30Scheduled - On Time
21:10KE3654Korean-Air Korean AirAllentownTerminal S - D30Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:12KE7043Korean-Air Korean AirBristol/Johnson/KingsportTerminal S - D39Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:15KE3597Korean-Air Korean AirCharlestonTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:20KE3610Korean-Air Korean AirAppletonTerminal S - C35Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26KE3588Korean-Air Korean AirCharlottesvilleTerminal S - C43Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26KE7281Korean-Air Korean AirEzeizaTerminal I - E30Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26KL7124KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSalt Lake CityTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:05KL5922KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesCedar RapidsTerminal S - C30Scheduled - On Time
21:10KL5760KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAllentownTerminal S - D30Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:12KL5540KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBristol/Johnson/KingsportTerminal S - D39Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:15KL5926KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesCharlestonTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:20KL5916KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAppletonTerminal S - C35Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26KL5888KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesCharlottesvilleTerminal S - C43Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26LA6580LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSalt Lake CityTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26VS1954Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSalt Lake CityTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:05VS2287Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysCedar RapidsTerminal S - C30Scheduled - On Time
21:10VS2013Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAllentownTerminal S - D30Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:12VS2700Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBristol/Johnson/KingsportTerminal S - D39Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:15VS2373Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysCharlestonTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:20VS2046Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAppletonTerminal S - C35Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26VS2337Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysCharlottesvilleTerminal S - C43Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26AM4142Aeromexico AeromexicoSalt Lake CityTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:05AM3100Aeromexico AeromexicoCedar RapidsTerminal S - C30Scheduled - On Time
21:10AM3029Aeromexico AeromexicoAllentownTerminal S - D30Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:12AM3303Aeromexico AeromexicoBristol/Johnson/KingsportTerminal S - D39Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:15AM3945Aeromexico AeromexicoCharlestonTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:20AM3074Aeromexico AeromexicoAppletonTerminal S - C35Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26AM3093Aeromexico AeromexicoCharlottesvilleTerminal S - C43Scheduled - On Time
21:10WS6384Westjet WestjetAllentownTerminal S - D30Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:12WS6982Westjet WestjetBristol/Johnson/KingsportTerminal S - D39Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:15WS7256Westjet WestjetCharlestonTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26WS6557Westjet WestjetCharlottesvilleTerminal S - C43Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:12OO4013SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesBristol/Johnson/KingsportTerminal S - D39Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:15OO3908SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesCharlestonTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:20OO4056SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesAppletonTerminal S - C35Scheduled - On Time
21:109E5271Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirAllentownTerminal S - D30Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:269E5198Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirCharlottesvilleTerminal S - C43Scheduled - On Time
21:1021:26AR7001Aerolineas-Argentinas Aerolineas ArgentinasEzeizaTerminal I - E30Scheduled - On Time
21:15AF2745Air-France Air FranceMolineTerminal S - D34Scheduled - On Time
21:15DL656Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSan FranciscoTerminal S - E7Scheduled - On Time
21:15DL4950Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMolineTerminal S - D34Scheduled - On Time
21:15KE6778Korean-Air Korean AirMolineTerminal S - D34Scheduled - On Time
21:15KL6590KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSan FranciscoTerminal S - E7Scheduled - On Time
21:15KL5454KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMolineTerminal S - D34Scheduled - On Time
21:15LA7936LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSan FranciscoTerminal S - E7Scheduled - On Time
21:15VS1881Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSan FranciscoTerminal S - E7Scheduled - On Time
21:15VS2305Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMolineTerminal S - D34Scheduled - On Time
21:15AM3327Aeromexico AeromexicoSan FranciscoTerminal S - E7Scheduled - On Time
21:15AM3107Aeromexico AeromexicoMolineTerminal S - D34Scheduled - On Time
21:15WS6446Westjet WestjetMolineTerminal S - D34Scheduled - On Time
21:159E4950Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirMolineTerminal S - D34Scheduled - On Time
21:1721:32DL896Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSan DiegoTerminal S - A31Scheduled - On Time
21:1721:32KL6688KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSan DiegoTerminal S - A31Scheduled - On Time
21:1721:32LA6237LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSan DiegoTerminal S - A31Scheduled - On Time
21:1721:32VS5251Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSan DiegoTerminal S - A31Scheduled - On Time
21:1721:32AM4156Aeromexico AeromexicoSan DiegoTerminal S - A31Scheduled - On Time
21:19F93293Frontier-Airlines Frontier AirlinesDenverScheduled - On Time
21:2021:35AF3487Air-France Air FranceSeattleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
21:2022:22DL1055Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesWest Palm BeachTerminal S - A20Scheduled - Delayed
21:2021:35DL903Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSeattleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:35DL1083Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesFort MyersTerminal S - A24Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:35DL2897Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBurlingtonTerminal S - D9Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:39DL2416Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMontrealTerminal I - E10Scheduled - Delayed
21:2022:22KE6995Korean-Air Korean AirWest Palm BeachTerminal S - A20Scheduled - Delayed
21:2021:35KE7015Korean-Air Korean AirFort MyersTerminal S - A24Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:35KE3608Korean-Air Korean AirBurlingtonTerminal S - D9Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:39KE3793Korean-Air Korean AirMontrealTerminal I - E10Scheduled - Delayed
21:2021:35KL6654KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSeattleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:35KL6560KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesFort MyersTerminal S - A24Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:35KL5920KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBurlingtonTerminal S - D9Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:35LA6335LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSeattleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:39LA8486LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileMontrealTerminal I - E10Scheduled - Delayed
21:2021:35VS2684Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSeattleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:35VS5247Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysFort MyersTerminal S - A24Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:35VS2115Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBurlingtonTerminal S - D9Scheduled - On Time
21:2022:22AM3255Aeromexico AeromexicoWest Palm BeachTerminal S - A20Scheduled - Delayed
21:2021:35AM3111Aeromexico AeromexicoSeattleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:35AM3564Aeromexico AeromexicoFort MyersTerminal S - A24Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:35AM3026Aeromexico AeromexicoBurlingtonTerminal S - D9Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:39AM5564Aeromexico AeromexicoMontrealTerminal I - E10Scheduled - Delayed
21:2022:22WS7085Westjet WestjetWest Palm BeachTerminal S - A20Scheduled - Delayed
21:2021:35WS6662Westjet WestjetSeattleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:35WS7021Westjet WestjetFort MyersTerminal S - A24Scheduled - On Time
21:2021:39WS7924Westjet WestjetMontrealTerminal I - E10Scheduled - Delayed
21:2021:53WN1185Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesWashingtonTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
21:22F92174Frontier-Airlines Frontier AirlinesFort LauderdaleScheduled - On Time
21:2521:40AF2942Air-France Air FrancePortlandTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:40DL339Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPhoenixTerminal S - B1Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:35DL2239Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A28Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:40DL2138Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPortlandTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:40KE6804Korean-Air Korean AirPhoenixTerminal S - B1Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:35KE3154Korean-Air Korean AirFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A28Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:40KE3565Korean-Air Korean AirPortlandTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:40KL5032KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPhoenixTerminal S - B1Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:40KL5956KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPortlandTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:40LA8655LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChilePhoenixTerminal S - B1Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:35LA8957LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A28Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:40VS5221Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPhoenixTerminal S - B1Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:40VS2147Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPortlandTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:40AM3120Aeromexico AeromexicoPhoenixTerminal S - B1Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:35AM3308Aeromexico AeromexicoFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A28Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:40AM3290Aeromexico AeromexicoPortlandTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:35WS6626Westjet WestjetFort LauderdaleTerminal S - A28Scheduled - On Time
21:2521:40NK77Spirit-Airlines Spirit AirlinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
21:2522:02NK1361Spirit-Airlines Spirit AirlinesLas VegasTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
21:2921:44AF2391Air-France Air FranceMadisonTerminal S - C52Scheduled - On Time
21:2921:44DL2144Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMadisonTerminal S - C52Scheduled - On Time
21:2921:44KE6887Korean-Air Korean AirMadisonTerminal S - C52Scheduled - On Time
21:2921:44KL5456KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMadisonTerminal S - C52Scheduled - On Time
21:2921:44VS3241Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMadisonTerminal S - C52Scheduled - On Time
21:2921:44AM4209Aeromexico AeromexicoMadisonTerminal S - C52Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:55AF2943Air-France Air FranceChicagoTerminal S - A5Scheduled - Delayed
21:30AF3490Air-France Air FrancePittsburghTerminal S - A15Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:28AF2535Air-France Air FranceNew YorkTerminal S - T5Scheduled - On Time
21:30AF5715Air-France Air FranceSouth BendTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:45AF2860Air-France Air FranceProvidenceTerminal S - B6Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:55DL1423Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesChicagoTerminal S - A5Scheduled - Delayed
21:30DL2598Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPittsburghTerminal S - A15Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:45DL331Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLos AngelesTerminal S - B4Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:28DL520Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNew YorkTerminal S - T5Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:25DL2123Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSyracuseTerminal S - C42Scheduled - On Time
21:30DL4026Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSouth BendTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:45DL2064Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesProvidenceTerminal S - B6Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:55KE7111Korean-Air Korean AirChicagoTerminal S - A5Scheduled - Delayed
21:30KE3560Korean-Air Korean AirPittsburghTerminal S - A15Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:25KE3577Korean-Air Korean AirSyracuseTerminal S - C42Scheduled - On Time
21:30KE6817Korean-Air Korean AirSouth BendTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:45KE7127Korean-Air Korean AirProvidenceTerminal S - B6Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:55KL6754KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesChicagoTerminal S - A5Scheduled - Delayed
21:30KL5478KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPittsburghTerminal S - A15Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:25KL5532KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSyracuseTerminal S - C42Scheduled - On Time
21:30KL5806KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSouth BendTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:45KL5484KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesProvidenceTerminal S - B6Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:55LA6194LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileChicagoTerminal S - A5Scheduled - Delayed
21:30LA6455LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChilePittsburghTerminal S - A15Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:45LA6497LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileLos AngelesTerminal S - B4Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:28LA6268LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNew YorkTerminal S - T5Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:55VS4570Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysChicagoTerminal S - A5Scheduled - Delayed
21:30VS2670Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPittsburghTerminal S - A15Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:45VS5139Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLos AngelesTerminal S - B4Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:25VS3225Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSyracuseTerminal S - C42Scheduled - On Time
21:30VS2853Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSouth BendTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:45VS2145Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysProvidenceTerminal S - B6Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:55AM3188Aeromexico AeromexicoChicagoTerminal S - A5Scheduled - Delayed
21:30AM3207Aeromexico AeromexicoPittsburghTerminal S - A15Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:28AM3412Aeromexico AeromexicoNew YorkTerminal S - T5Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:25AM4356Aeromexico AeromexicoSyracuseTerminal S - C42Scheduled - On Time
21:30AM3249Aeromexico AeromexicoSouth BendTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:45AM3294Aeromexico AeromexicoProvidenceTerminal S - B6Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:55WS7861Westjet WestjetChicagoTerminal S - A5Scheduled - Delayed
21:30WS6651Westjet WestjetPittsburghTerminal S - A15Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:45WS6564Westjet WestjetLos AngelesTerminal S - B4Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:28WS6607Westjet WestjetNew YorkTerminal S - T5Scheduled - On Time
21:3021:25WS8095Westjet WestjetSyracuseTerminal S - C42Scheduled - On Time
21:30WS7941Westjet WestjetSouth BendTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
21:30OO4026SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesSouth BendTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
21:3421:49AF2256Air-France Air FranceJacksonvilleTerminal S - C41Scheduled - On Time
21:3421:49DL2065Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesJacksonvilleTerminal S - C41Scheduled - On Time
21:3421:49KE6979Korean-Air Korean AirJacksonvilleTerminal S - C41Scheduled - On Time
21:3421:49KL5954KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesJacksonvilleTerminal S - C41Scheduled - On Time
21:3421:49VS2843Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysJacksonvilleTerminal S - C41Scheduled - On Time
21:3421:49AM3708Aeromexico AeromexicoJacksonvilleTerminal S - C41Scheduled - On Time
21:3421:49WS7791Westjet WestjetJacksonvilleTerminal S - C41Scheduled - On Time
21:3521:57AF2381Air-France Air FranceJacksonvilleTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
21:3521:57DL2851Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesJacksonvilleTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
21:35DL2386Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNew YorkTerminal S - A16Scheduled - On Time
21:3521:57KE3734Korean-Air Korean AirJacksonvilleTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
21:35KE7081Korean-Air Korean AirNew YorkTerminal S - A16Scheduled - On Time
21:35KL5002KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNew YorkTerminal S - A16Scheduled - On Time
21:3521:57LA7951LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileJacksonvilleTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
21:35LA6397LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNew YorkTerminal S - A16Scheduled - On Time
21:35VS3448Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNew YorkTerminal S - A16Scheduled - On Time
21:3521:57AM3190Aeromexico AeromexicoJacksonvilleTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
21:35AM3201Aeromexico AeromexicoNew YorkTerminal S - A16Scheduled - On Time
21:3521:57WS6542Westjet WestjetJacksonvilleTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
21:35WS6498Westjet WestjetNew YorkTerminal S - A16Scheduled - On Time
21:3621:26AF8563Air-France Air FranceBloomington-NormalTerminal S - D41Scheduled - On Time
21:3621:26DL5410Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBloomington-NormalTerminal S - D41Scheduled - On Time
21:3621:26KE3584Korean-Air Korean AirBloomington-NormalTerminal S - D41Scheduled - On Time
21:3621:26KL5890KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBloomington-NormalTerminal S - D41Scheduled - On Time
21:3621:26VS2286Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBloomington-NormalTerminal S - D41Scheduled - On Time
21:3621:26AM3007Aeromexico AeromexicoBloomington-NormalTerminal S - D41Scheduled - On Time
21:3621:26WS7948Westjet WestjetBloomington-NormalTerminal S - D41Scheduled - On Time
21:36QR3808Qatar-Airways Qatar AirwaysBostonTerminal N - T16Scheduled - On Time
21:3621:269E5410Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirBloomington-NormalTerminal S - D41Scheduled - On Time
21:36B6996JetBlue-Airways JetBlue AirwaysBostonTerminal N - T16Scheduled - On Time
21:36HA2164Hawaiian-Airlines Hawaiian AirlinesBostonTerminal N - T16Scheduled - On Time
21:36JL5491Japan-Airlines Japan AirlinesBostonTerminal N - T16Scheduled - On Time
21:3921:34DL2629Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesWilmingtonTerminal S - C34Scheduled - On Time
21:3921:34KE6931Korean-Air Korean AirWilmingtonTerminal S - C34Scheduled - On Time
21:3921:34KL5412KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesWilmingtonTerminal S - C34Scheduled - On Time
21:3921:34VS2604Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysWilmingtonTerminal S - C34Scheduled - On Time
21:3921:34AM3128Aeromexico AeromexicoWilmingtonTerminal S - C34Scheduled - On Time
21:3921:34WS7614Westjet WestjetWilmingtonTerminal S - C34Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:30AF2944Air-France Air FranceEvansvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
21:40AF2473Air-France Air FranceAlbanyTerminal S - T3Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:55DL1011Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHartfordTerminal S - B13Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:30DL4946Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesEvansvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
21:40DL2584Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAlbanyTerminal S - T3Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:55KE7177Korean-Air Korean AirHartfordTerminal S - B13Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:30KE3603Korean-Air Korean AirEvansvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
21:40KE3502Korean-Air Korean AirAlbanyTerminal S - T3Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:55KL5054KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesHartfordTerminal S - B13Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:30KL5934KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesEvansvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
21:40KL5334KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAlbanyTerminal S - T3Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:55LA6105LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileHartfordTerminal S - B13Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:55VS2518Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysHartfordTerminal S - B13Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:30VS2591Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysEvansvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
21:40VS2044Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAlbanyTerminal S - T3Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:55AM5110Aeromexico AeromexicoHartfordTerminal S - B13Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:30AM3374Aeromexico AeromexicoEvansvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
21:40AM3625Aeromexico AeromexicoAlbanyTerminal S - T3Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:30WS6587Westjet WestjetEvansvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
21:40WS6676Westjet WestjetAlbanyTerminal S - T3Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:309E4946Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirEvansvilleTerminal S - D42Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:54WN1434Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesWest Palm BeachTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
21:4021:54WN3629Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesFort LauderdaleTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
21:40WN1994Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesBaltimoreTerminal S - C9Scheduled - On Time
21:40WN3147Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesTampaTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
21:4022:04WN3677Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesRichmondTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
21:4421:59DL2521Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNew OrleansTerminal S - A10Scheduled - On Time
21:4421:59KE7101Korean-Air Korean AirNew OrleansTerminal S - A10Scheduled - On Time
21:4421:59KL7184KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNew OrleansTerminal S - A10Scheduled - On Time
21:4421:59LA6111LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNew OrleansTerminal S - A10Scheduled - On Time
21:4421:59VS3386Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNew OrleansTerminal S - A10Scheduled - On Time
21:4421:59AM3185Aeromexico AeromexicoNew OrleansTerminal S - A10Scheduled - On Time
21:4421:59WS6524Westjet WestjetNew OrleansTerminal S - A10Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:55AF2109Air-France Air FranceColumbusTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:35AF5714Air-France Air FranceFort WayneTerminal S - D9AScheduled - On Time
21:45AF2963Air-France Air FranceGreen BayTerminal S - T6Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:55DL662Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesColumbusTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
21:4522:00DL2051Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHoustonTerminal S - D13Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:35DL5177Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesFort WayneTerminal S - D9AScheduled - On Time
21:45DL2948Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesGreen BayTerminal S - T6Scheduled - On Time
21:4522:00DL2422Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesTorontoScheduled - On Time
21:4522:00DL2959Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesWichitaTerminal S - E16Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:55KE3519Korean-Air Korean AirColumbusTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
21:4522:00KE3773Korean-Air Korean AirHoustonTerminal S - D13Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:35KE6772Korean-Air Korean AirFort WayneTerminal S - D9AScheduled - On Time
21:45KE6774Korean-Air Korean AirGreen BayTerminal S - T6Scheduled - On Time
21:4522:00KE3796Korean-Air Korean AirTorontoScheduled - On Time
21:4522:00KE3724Korean-Air Korean AirWichitaTerminal S - E16Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:55KL5581KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesColumbusTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
21:4522:00KL5398KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesHoustonTerminal S - D13Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:35KL5768KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesFort WayneTerminal S - D9AScheduled - On Time
21:45KL5942KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesGreen BayTerminal S - T6Scheduled - On Time
21:4522:00KL5272KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesTorontoScheduled - On Time
21:4522:00KL5782KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesWichitaTerminal S - E16Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:55LA6152LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileColumbusTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
21:4522:00LA6310LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileHoustonTerminal S - D13Scheduled - On Time
21:4522:00LA6670LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileTorontoScheduled - On Time
21:4521:55VS2352Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysColumbusTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
21:4522:00VS2794Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysHoustonTerminal S - D13Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:35VS2459Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysFort WayneTerminal S - D9AScheduled - On Time
21:45VS2566Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysGreen BayTerminal S - T6Scheduled - On Time
21:4522:00VS2899Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysWichitaTerminal S - E16Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:55AM3054Aeromexico AeromexicoColumbusTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
21:4522:00AM4569Aeromexico AeromexicoHoustonTerminal S - D13Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:35AM3301Aeromexico AeromexicoFort WayneTerminal S - D9AScheduled - On Time
21:45AM3273Aeromexico AeromexicoGreen BayTerminal S - T6Scheduled - On Time
21:4522:00AM3313Aeromexico AeromexicoTorontoScheduled - On Time
21:4522:00AM3337Aeromexico AeromexicoWichitaTerminal S - E16Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:55WS6712Westjet WestjetColumbusTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
21:4522:00WS6435Westjet WestjetHoustonTerminal S - D13Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:35WS6969Westjet WestjetFort WayneTerminal S - D9AScheduled - On Time
21:4522:00WS6310Westjet WestjetTorontoScheduled - On Time
21:4522:00WS6443Westjet WestjetWichitaTerminal S - E16Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:359E5177Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirFort WayneTerminal S - D9AScheduled - On Time
21:4521:59WN3587Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesNew OrleansTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
21:4521:35PK5032Pakistan-International-Airlines Pakistan International AirlinesIstanbulScheduled - On Time
21:4521:35SQ6312Singapore-Airlines Singapore AirlinesIstanbulScheduled - On Time
21:4521:35TG9193Thai-Airways-International Thai Airways InternationalIstanbulScheduled - On Time
21:4521:35TK32Turkish-Airlines Turkish AirlinesIstanbulScheduled - On Time
21:4921:44DL5109Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHarrisburgTerminal S - D32Scheduled - On Time
21:4921:44KE3552Korean-Air Korean AirHarrisburgTerminal S - D32Scheduled - On Time
21:4921:44KL5788KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesHarrisburgTerminal S - D32Scheduled - On Time
21:4921:44VS2136Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysHarrisburgTerminal S - D32Scheduled - On Time
21:4921:44AM3733Aeromexico AeromexicoHarrisburgTerminal S - D32Scheduled - On Time
21:4921:44WS6462Westjet WestjetHarrisburgTerminal S - D32Scheduled - On Time
21:4921:449E5109Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirHarrisburgTerminal S - D32Scheduled - On Time
21:5022:05AF2483Air-France Air FranceFayettevilleTerminal S - C36Scheduled - On Time
21:5022:05DL1037Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesFayettevilleTerminal S - C36Scheduled - On Time
21:5022:05KE6891Korean-Air Korean AirFayettevilleTerminal S - C36Scheduled - On Time
21:5022:05KL5938KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesFayettevilleTerminal S - C36Scheduled - On Time
21:5022:05VS2289Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysFayettevilleTerminal S - C36Scheduled - On Time
21:5022:05AM3216Aeromexico AeromexicoFayettevilleTerminal S - C36Scheduled - On Time
21:5022:05WS6506Westjet WestjetFayettevilleTerminal S - C36Scheduled - On Time
21:5000:24WN3642Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesJacksonvilleTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
21:50WN1741Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesMiamiTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
21:5002:10WN1445Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesGreenvilleTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
21:5022:09WN3592Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesRaleigh/DurhamTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
21:5322:08AF3491Air-France Air FranceMyrtle BeachTerminal S - B7Scheduled - On Time
21:53DL2968Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesIndianapolisTerminal S - A25Scheduled - On Time
21:5322:08DL2938Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMyrtle BeachTerminal S - B7Scheduled - On Time
21:53KE3540Korean-Air Korean AirIndianapolisTerminal S - A25Scheduled - On Time
21:5322:08KE7105Korean-Air Korean AirMyrtle BeachTerminal S - B7Scheduled - On Time
21:53KL6750KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesIndianapolisTerminal S - A25Scheduled - On Time
21:5322:08KL5950KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMyrtle BeachTerminal S - B7Scheduled - On Time
21:53LA8471LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileIndianapolisTerminal S - A25Scheduled - On Time
21:53VS2900Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysIndianapolisTerminal S - A25Scheduled - On Time
21:5322:08VS3069Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMyrtle BeachTerminal S - B7Scheduled - On Time
21:53AM3359Aeromexico AeromexicoIndianapolisTerminal S - A25Scheduled - On Time
21:5322:08AM3181Aeromexico AeromexicoMyrtle BeachTerminal S - B7Scheduled - On Time
21:53WS7621Westjet WestjetIndianapolisTerminal S - A25Scheduled - On Time
21:5322:08WS6482Westjet WestjetMyrtle BeachTerminal S - B7Scheduled - On Time
21:5521:50AF3553Air-France Air FranceLondonTerminal I - E32Scheduled - On Time
21:5522:10AF6889Air-France Air FranceSt LouisTerminal S - E5Scheduled - On Time
21:5521:50DL32Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLondonTerminal I - E32Scheduled - On Time
21:5522:10DL2732Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSt LouisTerminal S - E5Scheduled - On Time
21:5521:50DL4908Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBaton RougeTerminal S - D24Scheduled - On Time
21:5523:00DL4114Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMontgomeryTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:5522:10KE7033Korean-Air Korean AirSt LouisTerminal S - E5Scheduled - On Time
21:5521:50KE6845Korean-Air Korean AirBaton RougeTerminal S - D24Scheduled - On Time
21:5523:00KE3758Korean-Air Korean AirMontgomeryTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:5521:50KL6069KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLondonTerminal I - E32Scheduled - On Time
21:5522:10KL6764KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSt LouisTerminal S - E5Scheduled - On Time
21:5521:50KL5374KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBaton RougeTerminal S - D24Scheduled - On Time
21:5523:00KL5792KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMontgomeryTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:5522:10LA6329LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSt LouisTerminal S - E5Scheduled - On Time
21:5521:50VS4010Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLondonTerminal I - E32Scheduled - On Time
21:5522:10VS5319Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSt LouisTerminal S - E5Scheduled - On Time
21:5521:50VS2523Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBaton RougeTerminal S - D24Scheduled - On Time
21:5523:00VS2301Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMontgomeryTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:5522:10AM5555Aeromexico AeromexicoSt LouisTerminal S - E5Scheduled - On Time
21:5521:50AM3053Aeromexico AeromexicoBaton RougeTerminal S - D24Scheduled - On Time
21:5523:00AM3601Aeromexico AeromexicoMontgomeryTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:5522:10WS7697Westjet WestjetSt LouisTerminal S - E5Scheduled - On Time
21:5521:50WS6510Westjet WestjetBaton RougeTerminal S - D24Scheduled - On Time
21:5523:00WS7366Westjet WestjetMontgomeryTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:5523:00OO4114SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesMontgomeryTerminal S - D7Scheduled - Delayed
21:5521:509E4908Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirBaton RougeTerminal S - D24Scheduled - On Time
21:55WN1940Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesOrlandoTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
21:55WN1644Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesSarasota/BradentonTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
21:5522:52WN126Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesFort MyersTerminal N Scheduled - Delayed
21:5922:02AF6866Air-France Air FranceDes MoinesTerminal S - D5Scheduled - On Time
21:5922:02DL2306Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDes MoinesTerminal S - D5Scheduled - On Time
21:5922:02KE3525Korean-Air Korean AirDes MoinesTerminal S - D5Scheduled - On Time
21:5922:02KL5386KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDes MoinesTerminal S - D5Scheduled - On Time
21:5922:02VS2438Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDes MoinesTerminal S - D5Scheduled - On Time
21:5922:02AM3095Aeromexico AeromexicoDes MoinesTerminal S - D5Scheduled - On Time
22:0022:15AF6865Air-France Air FranceWashingtonTerminal S - B32Scheduled - On Time
22:0022:15DL537Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesWashingtonTerminal S - B32Scheduled - On Time
22:0022:15KE6875Korean-Air Korean AirWashingtonTerminal S - B32Scheduled - On Time
22:0022:15KL5980KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesWashingtonTerminal S - B32Scheduled - On Time
22:0022:15VS2388Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysWashingtonTerminal S - B32Scheduled - On Time
22:0022:15WS6301Westjet WestjetWashingtonTerminal S - B32Scheduled - On Time
22:01DL269Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSao PauloTerminal I - F2Scheduled - On Time
22:01KE7279Korean-Air Korean AirSao PauloTerminal I - F2Scheduled - On Time
22:01LA6376LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSao PauloTerminal I - F2Scheduled - On Time
22:0222:17AF2735Air-France Air FranceRochesterTerminal S - B9Scheduled - On Time
22:0222:17DL2472Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesRochesterTerminal S - B9Scheduled - On Time
22:0222:17KE3568Korean-Air Korean AirRochesterTerminal S - B9Scheduled - On Time
22:0222:17KL5494KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesRochesterTerminal S - B9Scheduled - On Time
22:0222:17VS2148Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysRochesterTerminal S - B9Scheduled - On Time
22:0222:17AM3221Aeromexico AeromexicoRochesterTerminal S - B9Scheduled - On Time
22:0222:17WS6513Westjet WestjetRochesterTerminal S - B9Scheduled - On Time
22:0321:53AF2786Air-France Air FranceShreveportTerminal S - D46Scheduled - On Time
22:0321:53DL5243Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesShreveportTerminal S - D46Scheduled - On Time
22:0321:53KE7027Korean-Air Korean AirShreveportTerminal S - D46Scheduled - On Time
22:0321:53KL5516KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesShreveportTerminal S - D46Scheduled - On Time
22:0321:53VS2308Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysShreveportTerminal S - D46Scheduled - On Time
22:0321:53AM3541Aeromexico AeromexicoShreveportTerminal S - D46Scheduled - On Time
22:0321:53WS7060Westjet WestjetShreveportTerminal S - D46Scheduled - On Time
22:0321:539E5243Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirShreveportTerminal S - D46Scheduled - On Time
22:0522:16AF8536Air-France Air FranceOrlandoTerminal S - A9Scheduled - Delayed
22:0522:08AF2600Air-France Air FranceDaytonTerminal S - C37Scheduled - On Time
22:0522:16DL1198Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesOrlandoTerminal S - A9Scheduled - Delayed
22:0522:08DL2771Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDaytonTerminal S - C37Scheduled - On Time
22:0522:08KE7144Korean-Air Korean AirDaytonTerminal S - C37Scheduled - On Time
22:0522:16KL6980KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesOrlandoTerminal S - A9Scheduled - Delayed
22:0522:08KL5766KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDaytonTerminal S - C37Scheduled - On Time
22:0522:16VS5165Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysOrlandoTerminal S - A9Scheduled - Delayed
22:0522:08VS2567Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDaytonTerminal S - C37Scheduled - On Time
22:0522:16AM4455Aeromexico AeromexicoOrlandoTerminal S - A9Scheduled - Delayed
22:0522:08AM3091Aeromexico AeromexicoDaytonTerminal S - C37Scheduled - On Time
22:0522:16WS6802Westjet WestjetOrlandoTerminal S - A9Scheduled - Delayed
22:0522:08WS7090Westjet WestjetDaytonTerminal S - C37Scheduled - On Time
22:1022:15DL6078Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLimaScheduled - Delayed
22:1022:15LA2483LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileLimaScheduled - Delayed
22:1022:17AA6977American-Airlines American AirlinesLondonTerminal I Scheduled - Delayed
22:1022:17AY5426Finnair FinnairLondonTerminal I Scheduled - Delayed
22:1022:17BA226British-Airways British AirwaysLondonTerminal I Scheduled - Delayed
22:1022:17EI8926Aer-Lingus Aer LingusLondonTerminal I Scheduled - Delayed
22:1022:17IB7410Iberia IberiaLondonTerminal I Scheduled - Delayed
22:1022:15LP2483LATAM-Airlines-Peru LATAM Airlines PeruLimaScheduled - Delayed
22:1522:19DL2334Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBuffaloTerminal S - T7Scheduled - On Time
22:1522:19KE6849Korean-Air Korean AirBuffaloTerminal S - T7Scheduled - On Time
22:1522:19KL5358KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBuffaloTerminal S - T7Scheduled - On Time
22:1522:19VS2116Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBuffaloTerminal S - T7Scheduled - On Time
22:1522:19AM3262Aeromexico AeromexicoBuffaloTerminal S - T7Scheduled - On Time
22:1522:19WS6481Westjet WestjetBuffaloTerminal S - T7Scheduled - On Time
22:1622:22AF2902Air-France Air FranceGrand RapidsTerminal S - B5Scheduled - On Time
22:1622:22DL2865Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesGrand RapidsTerminal S - B5Scheduled - On Time
22:1622:22KE6899Korean-Air Korean AirGrand RapidsTerminal S - B5Scheduled - On Time
22:1622:22KL5262KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesGrand RapidsTerminal S - B5Scheduled - On Time
22:1622:22VS2600Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysGrand RapidsTerminal S - B5Scheduled - On Time
22:1622:22AM3112Aeromexico AeromexicoGrand RapidsTerminal S - B5Scheduled - On Time
22:1622:22WS6403Westjet WestjetGrand RapidsTerminal S - B5Scheduled - On Time
22:1823:11NK228Spirit-Airlines Spirit AirlinesFort LauderdaleTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:29AF5808Air-France Air FranceNorfolkTerminal S - B22Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:39AF5933Air-France Air FranceRichmondTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:27AF2388Air-France Air FranceRoanokeTerminal S - C35Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:27DL1412Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDenverTerminal S - B2Scheduled - On Time
22:25DL2590Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBaltimoreTerminal S - A6Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:29DL2338Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNorfolkTerminal S - B22Scheduled - On Time
22:25DL865Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBostonTerminal S - A32Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:39DL1175Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesRichmondTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:27DL2372Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesRoanokeTerminal S - C35Scheduled - On Time
22:25KE6853Korean-Air Korean AirBaltimoreTerminal S - A6Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:29KE3778Korean-Air Korean AirNorfolkTerminal S - B22Scheduled - On Time
22:25KE3682Korean-Air Korean AirBostonTerminal S - A32Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:39KE7013Korean-Air Korean AirRichmondTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:27KE3636Korean-Air Korean AirRoanokeTerminal S - C35Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:27KL7484KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDenverTerminal S - B2Scheduled - On Time
22:25KL6554KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBaltimoreTerminal S - A6Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:29KL6756KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNorfolkTerminal S - B22Scheduled - On Time
22:25KL6648KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBostonTerminal S - A32Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:39KL6970KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesRichmondTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:27KL5488KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesRoanokeTerminal S - C35Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:27LA6101LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileDenverTerminal S - B2Scheduled - On Time
22:25LA6270LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileBaltimoreTerminal S - A6Scheduled - On Time
22:25LA6261LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileBostonTerminal S - A32Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:39LA8477LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileRichmondTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:27VS5063Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDenverTerminal S - B2Scheduled - On Time
22:25VS2526Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBaltimoreTerminal S - A6Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:29VS2140Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNorfolkTerminal S - B22Scheduled - On Time
22:25VS4220Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBostonTerminal S - A32Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:39VS1956Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysRichmondTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:27VS2307Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysRoanokeTerminal S - C35Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:27AM3034Aeromexico AeromexicoDenverTerminal S - B2Scheduled - On Time
22:25AM3068Aeromexico AeromexicoBaltimoreTerminal S - A6Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:29AM3200Aeromexico AeromexicoNorfolkTerminal S - B22Scheduled - On Time
22:25AM4188Aeromexico AeromexicoBostonTerminal S - A32Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:39AM3408Aeromexico AeromexicoRichmondTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:27AM3202Aeromexico AeromexicoRoanokeTerminal S - C35Scheduled - On Time
22:25WS6539Westjet WestjetBaltimoreTerminal S - A6Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:29WS7870Westjet WestjetNorfolkTerminal S - B22Scheduled - On Time
22:25WS6383Westjet WestjetBostonTerminal S - A32Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:39WS6814Westjet WestjetRichmondTerminal S - E27Scheduled - On Time
22:2522:27WS6512Westjet WestjetRoanokeTerminal S - C35Scheduled - On Time
22:2822:29AF2957Air-France Air FranceMelbourneTerminal S - A31Scheduled - Delayed
22:2822:29DL2435Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMelbourneTerminal S - A31Scheduled - Delayed
22:2822:29KE3762Korean-Air Korean AirMelbourneTerminal S - A31Scheduled - Delayed
22:2822:29KL5448KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMelbourneTerminal S - A31Scheduled - Delayed
22:2822:29VS2624Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMelbourneTerminal S - A31Scheduled - Delayed
22:2822:29AM3250Aeromexico AeromexicoMelbourneTerminal S - A31Scheduled - Delayed
22:2822:29WS6433Westjet WestjetMelbourneTerminal S - A31Scheduled - Delayed
22:2922:31AF5862Air-France Air FranceMemphisTerminal S - B25Scheduled - On Time
22:29DL2017Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBirminghamTerminal S - E15Scheduled - On Time
22:2922:24DL2361Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesGainesvilleTerminal S - C30Scheduled - On Time
22:2922:31DL2501Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMemphisTerminal S - B25Scheduled - On Time
22:29KE6831Korean-Air Korean AirBirminghamTerminal S - E15Scheduled - On Time
22:2922:24KE3712Korean-Air Korean AirGainesvilleTerminal S - C30Scheduled - On Time
22:2922:31KE3754Korean-Air Korean AirMemphisTerminal S - B25Scheduled - On Time
22:29KL6556KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBirminghamTerminal S - E15Scheduled - On Time
22:2922:24KL5772KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesGainesvilleTerminal S - C30Scheduled - On Time
22:2922:31KL6518KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMemphisTerminal S - B25Scheduled - On Time
22:2922:31LA6178LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileMemphisTerminal S - B25Scheduled - On Time
22:29VS4343Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBirminghamTerminal S - E15Scheduled - On Time
22:2922:24VS2125Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysGainesvilleTerminal S - C30Scheduled - On Time
22:2922:31VS3111Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMemphisTerminal S - B25Scheduled - On Time
22:29AM3043Aeromexico AeromexicoBirminghamTerminal S - E15Scheduled - On Time
22:2922:24AM3339Aeromexico AeromexicoGainesvilleTerminal S - C30Scheduled - On Time
22:2922:31AM3451Aeromexico AeromexicoMemphisTerminal S - B25Scheduled - On Time
22:29WS6558Westjet WestjetBirminghamTerminal S - E15Scheduled - On Time
22:2922:24WS6611Westjet WestjetGainesvilleTerminal S - C30Scheduled - On Time
22:2922:31WS6409Westjet WestjetMemphisTerminal S - B25Scheduled - On Time
22:30AF2144Air-France Air FranceHebronTerminal S - B31Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:32AF2369Air-France Air FranceNashvilleTerminal S - T8Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45AF3692Air-France Air FranceOmahaTerminal S - B24Scheduled - On Time
22:30AF6693Air-France Air FranceAmsterdamTerminal I - F3Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:48AF2492Air-France Air FranceTampaTerminal S - A4Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45AF2695Air-France Air FranceRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A18Scheduled - On Time
22:30DL2940Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDetroitTerminal S - F5Scheduled - On Time
22:30DL2395Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHebronTerminal S - B31Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:32DL2655Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNashvilleTerminal S - T8Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45DL2495Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesOmahaTerminal S - B24Scheduled - On Time
22:3023:06DL2997Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - F6Scheduled - Delayed
22:30DL9375Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAmsterdamTerminal I - F3Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:48DL1253Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesTampaTerminal S - A4Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45DL1100Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A18Scheduled - On Time
22:30KE7065Korean-Air Korean AirHebronTerminal S - B31Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:32KE7181Korean-Air Korean AirNashvilleTerminal S - T8Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45KE3628Korean-Air Korean AirOmahaTerminal S - B24Scheduled - On Time
22:3023:06KE7031Korean-Air Korean AirSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - F6Scheduled - Delayed
22:3022:48KE7041Korean-Air Korean AirTampaTerminal S - A4Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45KE3159Korean-Air Korean AirRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A18Scheduled - On Time
22:30KL6662KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDetroitTerminal S - F5Scheduled - On Time
22:30KL6508KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesHebronTerminal S - B31Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:32KL6642KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNashvilleTerminal S - T8Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45KL5144KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesOmahaTerminal S - B24Scheduled - On Time
22:3023:06KL6692KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - F6Scheduled - Delayed
22:30KL622KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAmsterdamTerminal I - F3Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:48KL6546KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesTampaTerminal S - A4Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45KL6528KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A18Scheduled - On Time
22:30LA8991LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileDetroitTerminal S - F5Scheduled - On Time
22:30LA6399LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileHebronTerminal S - B31Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:32LA5054LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNashvilleTerminal S - T8Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:48LA6403LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileTampaTerminal S - A4Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45LA6572LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A18Scheduled - On Time
22:30VS1864Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDetroitTerminal S - F5Scheduled - On Time
22:30VS5005Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysHebronTerminal S - B31Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:32VS5019Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNashvilleTerminal S - T8Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45VS2644Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysOmahaTerminal S - B24Scheduled - On Time
22:3023:06VS5299Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - F6Scheduled - Delayed
22:30VS6866Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAmsterdamTerminal I - F3Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:48VS5323Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysTampaTerminal S - A4Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45VS5215Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A18Scheduled - On Time
22:30AM3199Aeromexico AeromexicoDetroitTerminal S - F5Scheduled - On Time
22:30AM5161Aeromexico AeromexicoHebronTerminal S - B31Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:32AM3045Aeromexico AeromexicoNashvilleTerminal S - T8Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45AM3208Aeromexico AeromexicoOmahaTerminal S - B24Scheduled - On Time
22:3023:06AM3052Aeromexico AeromexicoSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - F6Scheduled - Delayed
22:3022:48AM3162Aeromexico AeromexicoTampaTerminal S - A4Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45AM3316Aeromexico AeromexicoRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A18Scheduled - On Time
22:30WS8279Westjet WestjetDetroitTerminal S - F5Scheduled - On Time
22:30WS6358Westjet WestjetHebronTerminal S - B31Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:32WS6436Westjet WestjetNashvilleTerminal S - T8Scheduled - On Time
22:3023:06WS7966Westjet WestjetSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - F6Scheduled - Delayed
22:3022:48WS7572Westjet WestjetTampaTerminal S - A4Scheduled - On Time
22:3022:45WS6788Westjet WestjetRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - A18Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:50AF2158Air-France Air FranceOklahoma CityTerminal S - B14Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:37AF2906Air-France Air FranceHuntsvilleTerminal S - C47Scheduled - On Time
22:35DL3982Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAugustaTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:50DL2423Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesOklahoma CityTerminal S - B14Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:50DL2624Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLouisvilleTerminal S - B20Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:37DL2725Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHuntsvilleTerminal S - C47Scheduled - On Time
22:35KE7173Korean-Air Korean AirAugustaTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:50KE3157Korean-Air Korean AirOklahoma CityTerminal S - B14Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:50KE7143Korean-Air Korean AirLouisvilleTerminal S - B20Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:37KE6921Korean-Air Korean AirHuntsvilleTerminal S - C47Scheduled - On Time
22:35KL5328KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAugustaTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:50KL5138KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesOklahoma CityTerminal S - B14Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:50KL6762KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLouisvilleTerminal S - B20Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:37KL6354KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesHuntsvilleTerminal S - C47Scheduled - On Time
22:35VS2508Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAugustaTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:50VS2035Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysOklahoma CityTerminal S - B14Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:50VS3075Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLouisvilleTerminal S - B20Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:37VS2603Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysHuntsvilleTerminal S - C47Scheduled - On Time
22:35AM5474Aeromexico AeromexicoAugustaTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:50AM3153Aeromexico AeromexicoOklahoma CityTerminal S - B14Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:50AM3032Aeromexico AeromexicoLouisvilleTerminal S - B20Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:37AM3286Aeromexico AeromexicoHuntsvilleTerminal S - C47Scheduled - On Time
22:35WS6437Westjet WestjetAugustaTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:50WS7380Westjet WestjetLouisvilleTerminal S - B20Scheduled - On Time
22:3522:37WS6729Westjet WestjetHuntsvilleTerminal S - C47Scheduled - On Time
22:35OO3982SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesAugustaTerminal S - D38Scheduled - On Time
22:3622:51AF8720Air-France Air FranceDaytona BeachTerminal S - B27Scheduled - On Time
22:3622:51DL2091Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDaytona BeachTerminal S - B27Scheduled - On Time
22:3622:51KE7142Korean-Air Korean AirDaytona BeachTerminal S - B27Scheduled - On Time
22:3622:51KL5382KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDaytona BeachTerminal S - B27Scheduled - On Time
22:3622:51VS2558Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDaytona BeachTerminal S - B27Scheduled - On Time
22:3622:51AM3523Aeromexico AeromexicoDaytona BeachTerminal S - B27Scheduled - On Time
22:3622:51WS7072Westjet WestjetDaytona BeachTerminal S - B27Scheduled - On Time
22:40AF2304Air-France Air FranceWest Palm BeachTerminal S - B11Scheduled - On Time
22:40AF2794Air-France Air FrancePhiladelphiaTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
22:40DL1495Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesWest Palm BeachTerminal S - B11Scheduled - On Time
22:4022:56DL1229Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesFort LauderdaleTerminal S - B10Scheduled - On Time
22:40DL2642Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPhiladelphiaTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
22:40DL2029Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMobileTerminal S - E31Scheduled - On Time
22:40KE7119Korean-Air Korean AirWest Palm BeachTerminal S - B11Scheduled - On Time
22:4022:56KE7069Korean-Air Korean AirFort LauderdaleTerminal S - B10Scheduled - On Time
22:40KE7121Korean-Air Korean AirPhiladelphiaTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
22:40KE3770Korean-Air Korean AirMobileTerminal S - E31Scheduled - On Time
22:40KL6522KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesWest Palm BeachTerminal S - B11Scheduled - On Time
22:4022:56KL6668KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesFort LauderdaleTerminal S - B10Scheduled - On Time
22:40KL6526KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPhiladelphiaTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
22:40KL5800KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMobileTerminal S - E31Scheduled - On Time
22:4022:56LA6137LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileFort LauderdaleTerminal S - B10Scheduled - On Time
22:40LA6213LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChilePhiladelphiaTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
22:40VS5211Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysWest Palm BeachTerminal S - B11Scheduled - On Time
22:4022:56VS5069Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysFort LauderdaleTerminal S - B10Scheduled - On Time
22:40VS2143Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPhiladelphiaTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
22:40VS3068Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMobileTerminal S - E31Scheduled - On Time
22:40AM3508Aeromexico AeromexicoWest Palm BeachTerminal S - B11Scheduled - On Time
22:4022:56AM3101Aeromexico AeromexicoFort LauderdaleTerminal S - B10Scheduled - On Time
22:40AM5385Aeromexico AeromexicoPhiladelphiaTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
22:40AM3489Aeromexico AeromexicoMobileTerminal S - E31Scheduled - On Time
22:40WS7254Westjet WestjetWest Palm BeachTerminal S - B11Scheduled - On Time
22:4022:56WS7273Westjet WestjetFort LauderdaleTerminal S - B10Scheduled - On Time
22:40WS6778Westjet WestjetPhiladelphiaTerminal S - B16Scheduled - On Time
22:40WS7835Westjet WestjetMobileTerminal S - E31Scheduled - On Time
22:4122:56AF2284Air-France Air FranceGreenvilleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
22:4123:08DL1310Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMinneapolisTerminal S - A29Scheduled - Delayed
22:4122:56DL399Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesGreenvilleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
22:4123:08KE3156Korean-Air Korean AirMinneapolisTerminal S - A29Scheduled - Delayed
22:4122:56KE3716Korean-Air Korean AirGreenvilleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
22:4123:08KL5018KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMinneapolisTerminal S - A29Scheduled - Delayed
22:4122:56KL6746KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesGreenvilleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
22:4123:08LA6438LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileMinneapolisTerminal S - A29Scheduled - Delayed
22:4123:08VS2631Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMinneapolisTerminal S - A29Scheduled - Delayed
22:4122:56VS2687Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysGreenvilleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
22:4123:08AM3231Aeromexico AeromexicoMinneapolisTerminal S - A29Scheduled - Delayed
22:4122:56AM3161Aeromexico AeromexicoGreenvilleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
22:4123:08WS8281Westjet WestjetMinneapolisTerminal S - A29Scheduled - Delayed
22:4122:56WS6689Westjet WestjetGreenvilleTerminal S - A30Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:44AF2253Air-France Air FranceCharlotteTerminal S - C46Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:44DL2814Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesCharlotteTerminal S - C46Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:46DL1601Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHoustonTerminal S - B19Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:52DL2307Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesGreensboroTerminal S - A2Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:44KE3690Korean-Air Korean AirCharlotteTerminal S - C46Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:46KE7166Korean-Air Korean AirHoustonTerminal S - B19Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:52KE6911Korean-Air Korean AirGreensboroTerminal S - A2Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:44KL7182KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesCharlotteTerminal S - C46Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:46KL6676KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesHoustonTerminal S - B19Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:52KL7358KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesGreensboroTerminal S - A2Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:44LA6494LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileCharlotteTerminal S - C46Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:46LA6209LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileHoustonTerminal S - B19Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:44VS5041Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysCharlotteTerminal S - C46Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:46VS5105Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysHoustonTerminal S - B19Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:52VS5415Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysGreensboroTerminal S - A2Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:44AM3106Aeromexico AeromexicoCharlotteTerminal S - C46Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:52AM3134Aeromexico AeromexicoGreensboroTerminal S - A2Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:44WS6695Westjet WestjetCharlotteTerminal S - C46Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:46WS7466Westjet WestjetHoustonTerminal S - B19Scheduled - On Time
22:4222:52WS7124Westjet WestjetGreensboroTerminal S - A2Scheduled - On Time
22:4322:55AF2082Air-France Air FranceDullesTerminal S - B23Scheduled - On Time
22:4322:55DL2549Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDullesTerminal S - B23Scheduled - On Time
22:4322:55KE6925Korean-Air Korean AirDullesTerminal S - B23Scheduled - On Time
22:4322:55KL6748KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDullesTerminal S - B23Scheduled - On Time
22:4322:55LA7908LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileDullesTerminal S - B23Scheduled - On Time
22:4322:55VS4492Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDullesTerminal S - B23Scheduled - On Time
22:4322:55AM4016Aeromexico AeromexicoDullesTerminal S - B23Scheduled - On Time
22:4322:55WS6967Westjet WestjetDullesTerminal S - B23Scheduled - On Time
22:43F93932Frontier-Airlines Frontier AirlinesMiamiScheduled - On Time
22:4422:59AF2761Air-France Air FranceLexingtonTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
22:4422:59DL2213Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLexingtonTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
22:4422:59KE3738Korean-Air Korean AirLexingtonTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
22:4422:59KL6782KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLexingtonTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
22:4422:59VS3082Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLexingtonTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
22:4422:59AM3384Aeromexico AeromexicoLexingtonTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
22:4422:59WS7488Westjet WestjetLexingtonTerminal S - B18Scheduled - On Time
22:4523:08AF2310Air-France Air FranceDallas-Fort WorthTerminal S - B28Scheduled - Delayed
22:45AF3595Air-France Air FranceParisTerminal I - E12Scheduled - On Time
22:45AF8707Air-France Air FranceTulsaTerminal S - C43Scheduled - On Time
22:4523:08DL818Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal S - B28Scheduled - Delayed
22:45DL2911Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKansas CityTerminal S - B26Scheduled - On Time
22:45DL84Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesParisTerminal I - E12Scheduled - On Time
22:45DL2043Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesTulsaTerminal S - C43Scheduled - On Time
22:4523:08KE6881Korean-Air Korean AirDallas-Fort WorthTerminal S - B28Scheduled - Delayed
22:45KE3549Korean-Air Korean AirKansas CityTerminal S - B26Scheduled - On Time
22:45KE7047Korean-Air Korean AirTulsaTerminal S - C43Scheduled - On Time
22:4523:08KL6744KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal S - B28Scheduled - Delayed
22:45KL7875KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKansas CityTerminal S - B26Scheduled - On Time
22:45KL6097KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesParisTerminal I - E12Scheduled - On Time
22:45KL5546KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesTulsaTerminal S - C43Scheduled - On Time
22:4523:08LA8989LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileDallas-Fort WorthTerminal S - B28Scheduled - Delayed
22:45LA6163LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileKansas CityTerminal S - B26Scheduled - On Time
22:4523:08VS5073Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDallas-Fort WorthTerminal S - B28Scheduled - Delayed
22:45VS3365Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysKansas CityTerminal S - B26Scheduled - On Time
22:45VS3993Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysParisTerminal I - E12Scheduled - On Time
22:45VS5335Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysTulsaTerminal S - C43Scheduled - On Time
22:45AM5258Aeromexico AeromexicoKansas CityTerminal S - B26Scheduled - On Time
22:45AM3115Aeromexico AeromexicoParisTerminal I - E12Scheduled - On Time
22:45AM3527Aeromexico AeromexicoTulsaTerminal S - C43Scheduled - On Time
22:4523:08WS7143Westjet WestjetDallas-Fort WorthTerminal S - B28Scheduled - Delayed
22:45WS8029Westjet WestjetKansas CityTerminal S - B26Scheduled - On Time
22:4723:04AF2376Air-France Air FranceCharlestonTerminal S - E18Scheduled - On Time
22:4723:04DL2850Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesCharlestonTerminal S - E18Scheduled - On Time
22:4723:04KE6859Korean-Air Korean AirCharlestonTerminal S - E18Scheduled - On Time
22:4723:04KL6838KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesCharlestonTerminal S - E18Scheduled - On Time
22:4723:04VS5033Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysCharlestonTerminal S - E18Scheduled - On Time
22:4723:04AM3213Aeromexico AeromexicoCharlestonTerminal S - E18Scheduled - On Time
22:4723:04WS6592Westjet WestjetCharlestonTerminal S - E18Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:57AF5797Air-France Air FranceLas VegasTerminal S - A24Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:55AF2793Air-France Air FranceTallahasseeTerminal S - C52Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:59DL2552Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNewarkTerminal S - C41Scheduled - On Time
22:4923:27DL2224Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNew OrleansTerminal S - A26Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:57DL2530Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLas VegasTerminal S - A24Scheduled - On Time
22:49DL1315Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesClevelandTerminal S - B34Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:55DL2504Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesTallahasseeTerminal S - C52Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:57KE7190Korean-Air Korean AirLas VegasTerminal S - A24Scheduled - On Time
22:49KE3515Korean-Air Korean AirClevelandTerminal S - B34Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:55KE7157Korean-Air Korean AirTallahasseeTerminal S - C52Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:59KL7444KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNewarkTerminal S - C41Scheduled - On Time
22:4923:27KL6634KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNew OrleansTerminal S - A26Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:57KL6536KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLas VegasTerminal S - A24Scheduled - On Time
22:49KL6738KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesClevelandTerminal S - B34Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:55KL5266KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesTallahasseeTerminal S - C52Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:59LA6127LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNewarkTerminal S - C41Scheduled - On Time
22:4923:27LA6192LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNew OrleansTerminal S - A26Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:57LA6301LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileLas VegasTerminal S - A24Scheduled - On Time
22:49LA6116LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileClevelandTerminal S - B34Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:59VS4478Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNewarkTerminal S - C41Scheduled - On Time
22:4923:27VS4398Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysNew OrleansTerminal S - A26Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:57VS5133Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLas VegasTerminal S - A24Scheduled - On Time
22:49VS2547Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysClevelandTerminal S - B34Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:55VS3676Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysTallahasseeTerminal S - C52Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:59AM3333Aeromexico AeromexicoNewarkTerminal S - C41Scheduled - On Time
22:4923:27AM4418Aeromexico AeromexicoNew OrleansTerminal S - A26Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:57AM3028Aeromexico AeromexicoLas VegasTerminal S - A24Scheduled - On Time
22:49AM3125Aeromexico AeromexicoClevelandTerminal S - B34Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:55AM3340Aeromexico AeromexicoTallahasseeTerminal S - C52Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:59WS6838Westjet WestjetNewarkTerminal S - C41Scheduled - On Time
22:4923:27WS7304Westjet WestjetNew OrleansTerminal S - A26Scheduled - On Time
22:49WS6623Westjet WestjetClevelandTerminal S - B34Scheduled - On Time
22:4922:55WS7010Westjet WestjetTallahasseeTerminal S - C52Scheduled - On Time
22:50AF2791Air-France Air FranceKnoxvilleTerminal S - A33Scheduled - On Time
22:50DL1687Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKnoxvilleTerminal S - A33Scheduled - On Time
22:50KE7167Korean-Air Korean AirKnoxvilleTerminal S - A33Scheduled - On Time
22:50KL6576KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKnoxvilleTerminal S - A33Scheduled - On Time
22:50VS5377Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysKnoxvilleTerminal S - A33Scheduled - On Time
22:50AM3373Aeromexico AeromexicoKnoxvilleTerminal S - A33Scheduled - On Time
22:50WS7984Westjet WestjetKnoxvilleTerminal S - A33Scheduled - On Time
22:5223:06DL2276Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesJacksonvilleTerminal S - T3Scheduled - Delayed
22:5223:06KL6728KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesJacksonvilleTerminal S - T3Scheduled - Delayed
22:5223:06LA6141LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileJacksonvilleTerminal S - T3Scheduled - Delayed
22:5223:06VS5119Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysJacksonvilleTerminal S - T3Scheduled - Delayed
22:5223:06AM3341Aeromexico AeromexicoJacksonvilleTerminal S - T3Scheduled - Delayed
22:5223:06WS7623Westjet WestjetJacksonvilleTerminal S - T3Scheduled - Delayed
22:5322:46AF5906Air-France Air FranceAshevilleTerminal S - D28Scheduled - On Time
22:5322:46DL2763Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAshevilleTerminal S - D28Scheduled - On Time
22:5322:46KE7175Korean-Air Korean AirAshevilleTerminal S - D28Scheduled - On Time
22:5322:46KL6658KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAshevilleTerminal S - D28Scheduled - On Time
22:5322:46VS2512Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAshevilleTerminal S - D28Scheduled - On Time
22:5322:46AM3080Aeromexico AeromexicoAshevilleTerminal S - D28Scheduled - On Time
22:5322:46WS6459Westjet WestjetAshevilleTerminal S - D28Scheduled - On Time
22:54AF6864Air-France Air FranceColumbiaTerminal S - D10Scheduled - On Time
22:5422:39AF3466Air-France Air FranceGulfportTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
22:5423:00DL1156Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPensacolaTerminal S - C40Scheduled - On Time
22:54DL2139Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesColumbiaTerminal S - D10Scheduled - On Time
22:54DL1217Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesFort MyersTerminal S - A27Scheduled - On Time
22:54DL2884Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPanama City BeachTerminal S - B3Scheduled - On Time
22:5422:39DL2555Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesGulfportTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
22:5423:00KE7001Korean-Air Korean AirPensacolaTerminal S - C40Scheduled - On Time
22:54KE3781Korean-Air Korean AirColumbiaTerminal S - D10Scheduled - On Time
22:54KE3663Korean-Air Korean AirFort MyersTerminal S - A27Scheduled - On Time
22:5422:39KE6897Korean-Air Korean AirGulfportTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
22:5423:00KL6580KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPensacolaTerminal S - C40Scheduled - On Time
22:54KL5366KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesColumbiaTerminal S - D10Scheduled - On Time
22:54KL6562KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesFort MyersTerminal S - A27Scheduled - On Time
22:54KL5388KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPanama City BeachTerminal S - B3Scheduled - On Time
22:5422:39KL5776KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesGulfportTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
22:5423:00VS5365Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPensacolaTerminal S - C40Scheduled - On Time
22:54VS2536Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysColumbiaTerminal S - D10Scheduled - On Time
22:54VS5243Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysFort MyersTerminal S - A27Scheduled - On Time
22:54VS2583Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPanama City BeachTerminal S - B3Scheduled - On Time
22:5422:39VS1655Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysGulfportTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
22:5423:00AM4681Aeromexico AeromexicoPensacolaTerminal S - C40Scheduled - On Time
22:54AM3058Aeromexico AeromexicoColumbiaTerminal S - D10Scheduled - On Time
22:54AM4353Aeromexico AeromexicoFort MyersTerminal S - A27Scheduled - On Time
22:54AM3184Aeromexico AeromexicoPanama City BeachTerminal S - B3Scheduled - On Time
22:5423:00WS6690Westjet WestjetPensacolaTerminal S - C40Scheduled - On Time
22:54WS6812Westjet WestjetColumbiaTerminal S - D10Scheduled - On Time
22:54WS7576Westjet WestjetFort MyersTerminal S - A27Scheduled - On Time
22:54WS7231Westjet WestjetPanama City BeachTerminal S - B3Scheduled - On Time
22:5422:39WS7401Westjet WestjetGulfportTerminal S - C33Scheduled - On Time
22:54F94945Frontier-Airlines Frontier AirlinesLas VegasTerminal N - E6Scheduled - On Time
22:55AF2271Air-France Air FranceSavannahTerminal S - B36Scheduled - On Time
22:5523:16AF2975Air-France Air FranceValparaisoTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
22:55DL2860Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSavannahTerminal S - B36Scheduled - On Time
22:5523:16DL2060Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesValparaisoTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
22:55KE7139Korean-Air Korean AirSavannahTerminal S - B36Scheduled - On Time
22:5523:16KE7057Korean-Air Korean AirValparaisoTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
22:55KL6690KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSavannahTerminal S - B36Scheduled - On Time
22:5523:16KL6694KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesValparaisoTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
22:55VS5227Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSavannahTerminal S - B36Scheduled - On Time
22:5523:16VS2704Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysValparaisoTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
22:55AM3230Aeromexico AeromexicoSavannahTerminal S - B36Scheduled - On Time
22:5523:16AM5140Aeromexico AeromexicoValparaisoTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
22:55WS7070Westjet WestjetSavannahTerminal S - B36Scheduled - On Time
22:5523:16WS7470Westjet WestjetValparaisoTerminal S - B29Scheduled - On Time
22:56AF2534Air-France Air FranceAustinTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
22:56DL1335Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAustinTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
22:56KE3506Korean-Air Korean AirAustinTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
22:56KL6776KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAustinTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
22:56LA6453LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileAustinTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
22:56VS2188Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAustinTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
22:56AM3021Aeromexico AeromexicoAustinTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
22:56WS6453Westjet WestjetAustinTerminal S - C49Scheduled - On Time
22:5723:26AF8650Air-France Air FranceMiamiTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
22:5723:12AF5709Air-France Air FranceFayetteville/Springdale/Terminal S - C50Scheduled - On Time
22:5723:26DL1589Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMiamiTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
22:5723:12DL1409Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesFayetteville/Springdale/Terminal S - C50Scheduled - On Time
22:5723:26KE6959Korean-Air Korean AirMiamiTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
22:5723:12KE3651Korean-Air Korean AirFayetteville/Springdale/Terminal S - C50Scheduled - On Time
22:5723:26KL7140KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMiamiTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
22:5723:12KL5556KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesFayetteville/Springdale/Terminal S - C50Scheduled - On Time
22:5723:26LA6120LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileMiamiTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
22:5723:26VS3066Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMiamiTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
22:5723:12VS2468Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysFayetteville/Springdale/Terminal S - C50Scheduled - On Time
22:5723:26AM3491Aeromexico AeromexicoMiamiTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
22:5723:12AM3709Aeromexico AeromexicoFayetteville/Springdale/Terminal S - C50Scheduled - On Time
22:5723:26WS6752Westjet WestjetMiamiTerminal S - T4Scheduled - Delayed
22:5723:12WS7992Westjet WestjetFayetteville/Springdale/Terminal S - C50Scheduled - On Time
22:59AF2228Air-France Air FranceJacksonTerminal S - C42Scheduled - On Time
22:59DL2807Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesJacksonTerminal S - C42Scheduled - On Time
22:5923:14DL1508Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSan AntonioTerminal S - A25Scheduled - On Time
22:5922:54DL2083Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLittle RockTerminal S - E11Scheduled - On Time
22:59DL2327Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesChattanoogaTerminal S - D26Scheduled - On Time
22:5922:54KE6945Korean-Air Korean AirLittle RockTerminal S - E11Scheduled - On Time
22:59KE7062Korean-Air Korean AirChattanoogaTerminal S - D26Scheduled - On Time
22:59KL5422KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesJacksonTerminal S - C42Scheduled - On Time
22:5923:14KL6760KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSan AntonioTerminal S - A25Scheduled - On Time
22:5922:54KL6752KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLittle RockTerminal S - E11Scheduled - On Time
22:59KL6660KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesChattanoogaTerminal S - D26Scheduled - On Time
22:5923:14LA6649LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileSan AntonioTerminal S - A25Scheduled - On Time
22:59VS2129Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysJacksonTerminal S - C42Scheduled - On Time
22:5923:14VS5259Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSan AntonioTerminal S - A25Scheduled - On Time
22:5922:54VS2132Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLittle RockTerminal S - E11Scheduled - On Time
22:59VS2795Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysChattanoogaTerminal S - D26Scheduled - On Time
22:59AM3345Aeromexico AeromexicoJacksonTerminal S - C42Scheduled - On Time
22:5922:54AM4696Aeromexico AeromexicoLittle RockTerminal S - E11Scheduled - On Time
22:59AM3009Aeromexico AeromexicoChattanoogaTerminal S - D26Scheduled - On Time
22:59WS6821Westjet WestjetJacksonTerminal S - C42Scheduled - On Time
22:5923:14WS8077Westjet WestjetSan AntonioTerminal S - A25Scheduled - On Time
22:59WS6326Westjet WestjetChattanoogaTerminal S - D26Scheduled - On Time
23:0523:20DL1162Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesOrlandoTerminal S - A16Scheduled - On Time
23:0523:20KL6680KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesOrlandoTerminal S - A16Scheduled - On Time
23:0523:20LA6520LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileOrlandoTerminal S - A16Scheduled - On Time
23:0523:20VS5167Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysOrlandoTerminal S - A16Scheduled - On Time
23:0523:20AM5288Aeromexico AeromexicoOrlandoTerminal S - A16Scheduled - On Time
23:0523:20WS6670Westjet WestjetOrlandoTerminal S - A16Scheduled - On Time
23:20DL27Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSeoulTerminal I - F4Scheduled - On Time
23:20KE5036Korean-Air Korean AirSeoulTerminal I - F4Scheduled - On Time
05:05AA1753American-Airlines American AirlinesCharlotteTerminal N - T11Scheduled - On Time
05:20NK403Spirit-Airlines Spirit AirlinesFort LauderdaleTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
05:30F9103Frontier-Airlines Frontier AirlinesCancunTerminal N - E4Scheduled - On Time
05:35AA1151American-Airlines American AirlinesMiamiTerminal N - T13Scheduled - On Time
05:35NK3389Spirit-Airlines Spirit AirlinesNew YorkTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
06:00DL827Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDetroitTerminal S - T4Scheduled - On Time
06:00KL7004KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDetroitTerminal S - T4Scheduled - On Time
06:00VS1872Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDetroitTerminal S - T4Scheduled - On Time
06:00AA2770American-Airlines American AirlinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T12Scheduled - On Time
06:00NK1306Spirit-Airlines Spirit AirlinesChicagoTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
06:00AS6427Alaska-Airlines Alaska AirlinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T12Scheduled - On Time
06:00QF3174Qantas-Airways Qantas AirwaysDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T12Scheduled - On Time
06:00F91595Frontier-Airlines Frontier AirlinesChicagoTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
06:00F92931Frontier-Airlines Frontier AirlinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
06:00F91449Frontier-Airlines Frontier AirlinesDenverTerminal N Scheduled - On Time
06:00F91004Frontier-Airlines Frontier AirlinesPhiladelphiaTerminal N Scheduled - On Time

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