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Atlanta Airport Arrivals Today

08:2009:08KE6800Korean-Air Korean AirNew YorkTerminal S - B4Landed - Delayed
08:2009:08WS8134Westjet WestjetNew YorkTerminal S - B4Landed - Delayed
08:2009:08DL550Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNew YorkTerminal S - B4Landed - Delayed
08:2009:08AM5085Aeromexico AeromexicoNew YorkTerminal S - B4Landed - Delayed
08:2009:08LA6215LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNew YorkTerminal S - B4Landed - Delayed
08:3909:05KL7759KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - E15Landed - Delayed
08:3909:05KE7116Korean-Air Korean AirSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - E15Landed - Delayed
08:3909:05WS8616Westjet WestjetSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - E15Landed - Delayed
08:3909:05DL1445Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - E15Landed - Delayed
08:3909:05AM5504Aeromexico AeromexicoSarasota/BradentonTerminal S - E15Landed - Delayed
08:4109:12KE3698Korean-Air Korean AirHebronTerminal S - E8Landed - Delayed
08:4109:12WS8191Westjet WestjetHebronTerminal S - E8Landed - Delayed
08:4109:12DL2302Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHebronTerminal S - E8Landed - Delayed
08:4109:12AM3863Aeromexico AeromexicoHebronTerminal S - E8Landed - Delayed
08:4109:12LA6327LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileHebronTerminal S - E8Landed - Delayed
08:4409:04KL7289KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSyracuseTerminal S - A32Cancelled
08:4409:04KE3579Korean-Air Korean AirSyracuseTerminal S - A32Cancelled
08:4409:04VS2279Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSyracuseTerminal S - A32Cancelled
08:4409:04DL1108Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSyracuseTerminal S - A32Cancelled
08:4409:04AM4385Aeromexico AeromexicoSyracuseTerminal S - A32Cancelled
08:5909:16KE6974Korean-Air Korean AirNew OrleansTerminal S - A5Landed - Delayed
08:5909:16WS7294Westjet WestjetNew OrleansTerminal S - A5Landed - Delayed
08:5909:16DL1534Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNew OrleansTerminal S - A5Landed - Delayed
08:5909:16AM4428Aeromexico AeromexicoNew OrleansTerminal S - A5Landed - Delayed
08:5909:16LA6241LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileNew OrleansTerminal S - A5Landed - Delayed
09:0408:45OO3939SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesAlbanyTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
09:0408:59OO3662SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesBrunswickTerminal S - D41Landed - On Time
09:0408:45KL5611KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAlbanyTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
09:0408:59KL6565KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesBrunswickTerminal S - D41Landed - On Time
09:04KL5871KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDullesTerminal S - C43Cancelled
09:04KL5865KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesHoustonTerminal S - D9Cancelled
09:0409:07KL6699KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAppletonTerminal S - D5Landed - Delayed
09:0408:45KE3535Korean-Air Korean AirAlbanyTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
09:0408:59KE3680Korean-Air Korean AirBrunswickTerminal S - D41Landed - On Time
09:04KE6879Korean-Air Korean AirHoustonTerminal S - D9Cancelled
09:04KE6928Korean-Air Korean AirHoustonTerminal S - A31Cancelled
09:0409:07KE3611Korean-Air Korean AirAppletonTerminal S - D5Landed - Delayed
09:0408:45VS2284Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAlbanyTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
09:0408:59VS2990Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysBrunswickTerminal S - D41Landed - On Time
09:04VS4471Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysDullesTerminal S - C43Cancelled
09:0409:07VS2310Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAppletonTerminal S - D5Landed - Delayed
09:0408:45WS6505Westjet WestjetAlbanyTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
09:0408:59WS7361Westjet WestjetBrunswickTerminal S - D41Landed - On Time
09:04WS8101Westjet WestjetDullesTerminal S - C43Cancelled
09:04WS8094Westjet WestjetHoustonTerminal S - D9Cancelled
09:04WS7167Westjet WestjetHoustonTerminal S - A31Cancelled
09:0408:45DL3939Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAlbanyTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
09:0408:59DL3662Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesBrunswickTerminal S - D41Landed - On Time
09:04DL1354Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDullesTerminal S - C43Cancelled
09:04DL2557Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHoustonTerminal S - D9Cancelled
09:04DL1069Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHoustonTerminal S - A31Cancelled
09:0409:07DL1436Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAppletonTerminal S - D5Landed - Delayed
09:04AM3975Aeromexico AeromexicoDullesTerminal S - C43Cancelled
09:04AM4587Aeromexico AeromexicoHoustonTerminal S - D9Cancelled
09:04AM3515Aeromexico AeromexicoHoustonTerminal S - A31Cancelled
09:0409:07AM3276Aeromexico AeromexicoAppletonTerminal S - D5Landed - Delayed
09:04LA6204LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileDullesTerminal S - C43Cancelled
09:04LA7947LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileHoustonTerminal S - D9Cancelled
09:04LA6606LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileHoustonTerminal S - A31Cancelled
09:05KL8029KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesPortlandTerminal S - B24Cancelled
09:05KL5993KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesOmahaTerminal S - D10Cancelled
09:05KE3567Korean-Air Korean AirPortlandTerminal S - B24Cancelled
09:05VS2262Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysPortlandTerminal S - B24Cancelled
09:0509:11WS6881Westjet WestjetDallasTerminal S - D7Landed - Delayed
09:0509:15WS8170Westjet WestjetMinneapolisTerminal S - A26Landed - Delayed
09:0508:53DL1221Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMilwaukeeTerminal S - B25Landed - On Time
09:05DL1017Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPortlandTerminal S - B24Cancelled
09:05DL1136Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesOmahaTerminal S - D10Cancelled
09:0509:11DL516Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesDallasTerminal S - D7Landed - Delayed
09:0509:15DL1062Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMinneapolisTerminal S - A26Landed - Delayed
09:0508:53AM4024Aeromexico AeromexicoMilwaukeeTerminal S - B25Landed - On Time
09:05AM4180Aeromexico AeromexicoPortlandTerminal S - B24Cancelled
09:05AM4185Aeromexico AeromexicoOmahaTerminal S - D10Cancelled
09:0509:15AM4038Aeromexico AeromexicoMinneapolisTerminal S - A26Landed - Delayed
09:0508:53LA6285LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileMilwaukeeTerminal S - B25Landed - On Time
09:05LA6289LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileOmahaTerminal S - D10Cancelled
09:0509:15LA7999LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileMinneapolisTerminal S - A26Landed - Delayed
09:0509:07WN1556Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesMilwaukeeTerminal N Landed - Delayed
09:0509:01WN865Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesLouisvilleTerminal N Landed - On Time
09:0608:49NK740Spirit-Airlines Spirit AirlinesFort LauderdaleTerminal N Landed - On Time
09:10WS8364Westjet WestjetPanama City BeachTerminal S - E11Cancelled
09:10DL1674Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPanama City BeachTerminal S - E11Cancelled
09:10AM4798Aeromexico AeromexicoPanama City BeachTerminal S - E11Cancelled
09:12KE7100Korean-Air Korean AirPensacolaTerminal S - E34Cancelled
09:12WS8545Westjet WestjetPensacolaTerminal S - E34Cancelled
09:12DL1418Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesPensacolaTerminal S - E34Cancelled
09:12AM4436Aeromexico AeromexicoPensacolaTerminal S - E34Cancelled
09:1308:53GF4106Gulf-Air Gulf AirDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T9Landed - On Time
09:1308:53MQ3855Envoy-Air Envoy AirDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T9Landed - On Time
09:1308:53AA3855American-Airlines American AirlinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T9Landed - On Time
09:1308:53AS6106Alaska-Airlines Alaska AirlinesDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T9Landed - On Time
09:1308:53QF4701Qantas-Airways Qantas AirwaysDallas-Fort WorthTerminal N - T9Landed - On Time
09:1409:17WS7804Westjet WestjetRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - T1Landed - Delayed
09:1409:17DL1530Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - T1Landed - Delayed
09:1409:17AM4020Aeromexico AeromexicoRaleigh/DurhamTerminal S - T1Landed - Delayed
09:1509:03WN4642Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesNew OrleansTerminal N Landed - On Time
09:2509:09WN2040Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesAustinTerminal N Landed - On Time
09:4009:17KL8067KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesTallahasseeTerminal S - D10Landed - On Time
09:4009:17DL1683Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesTallahasseeTerminal S - D10Landed - On Time
09:4009:17AM4220Aeromexico AeromexicoTallahasseeTerminal S - D10Landed - On Time

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