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Atlanta Airport Arrivals Today

12:5313:03KL5521KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesColumbusTerminal S - D30Landed - Delayed
12:5313:03DL3663Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesColumbusTerminal S - D30Landed - Delayed
12:5313:03VS2806Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysColumbusTerminal S - D30Landed - Delayed
12:5313:03WS7164Westjet WestjetColumbusTerminal S - D30Landed - Delayed
12:5313:03OO3663SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesColumbusTerminal S - D30Landed - Delayed
13:0013:05DL4181Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesRoanokeLanded - Delayed
13:0013:05OO4181SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesRoanokeLanded - Delayed
13:0312:33KL6723KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSan JoseTerminal I - F4Landed - On Time
13:0312:33DL1794Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSan JoseTerminal I - F4Landed - On Time
13:0312:33AF2718Air-France Air FranceSan JoseTerminal I - F4Landed - On Time
13:0412:51KL7389KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSavannahTerminal S - A16Landed - On Time
13:0412:51DL3191Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesSavannahTerminal S - A16Landed - On Time
13:0412:51VS5324Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysSavannahTerminal S - A16Landed - On Time
13:0412:51WS7680Westjet WestjetSavannahTerminal S - A16Landed - On Time
13:0412:51AM4080Aeromexico AeromexicoSavannahTerminal S - A16Landed - On Time
13:0513:04KL5599KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesLas VegasTerminal S - B2Landed - On Time
13:0513:04DL755Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesLas VegasTerminal S - B2Landed - On Time
13:0513:04VS3650Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysLas VegasTerminal S - B2Landed - On Time
13:0513:04AM4448Aeromexico AeromexicoLas VegasTerminal S - B2Landed - On Time
13:0513:04LA6438LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileLas VegasTerminal S - B2Landed - On Time
13:1013:06KL7284KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesCharlotteTerminal S - C40Landed - On Time
13:1013:06DL3190Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesCharlotteTerminal S - C40Landed - On Time
13:1013:06AF5769Air-France Air FranceCharlotteTerminal S - C40Landed - On Time
13:1013:06VS4347Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysCharlotteTerminal S - C40Landed - On Time
13:1013:06WS7035Westjet WestjetCharlotteTerminal S - C40Landed - On Time
13:1013:06AM3521Aeromexico AeromexicoCharlotteTerminal S - C40Landed - On Time
13:1013:06LA6503LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileCharlotteTerminal S - C40Landed - On Time
13:1212:55KL5535KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMilwaukeeTerminal S - B5Landed - On Time
13:1212:55DL661Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesMilwaukeeTerminal S - B5Landed - On Time
13:1212:55AF2743Air-France Air FranceMilwaukeeTerminal S - B5Landed - On Time
13:1212:55VS4391Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMilwaukeeTerminal S - B5Landed - On Time
13:1212:55AM3837Aeromexico AeromexicoMilwaukeeTerminal S - B5Landed - On Time
13:1212:55LA8643LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileMilwaukeeTerminal S - B5Landed - On Time
13:1413:06KL7751KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKansas CityTerminal S - A31Landed - On Time
13:1413:06DL2471Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKansas CityTerminal S - A31Landed - On Time
13:1413:06VS5186Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysKansas CityTerminal S - A31Landed - On Time
13:1413:06WS7473Westjet WestjetKansas CityTerminal S - A31Landed - On Time
13:1413:06AM3836Aeromexico AeromexicoKansas CityTerminal S - A31Landed - On Time
13:1413:06LA6666LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileKansas CityTerminal S - A31Landed - On Time
13:1513:03KL6605KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesIndianapolisTerminal S - T1Landed - On Time
13:1513:10KL6589KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesFort WayneTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
13:1513:03DL2427Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesIndianapolisTerminal S - T1Landed - On Time
13:1513:10DL4048Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesFort WayneTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
13:1513:03VS5140Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysIndianapolisTerminal S - T1Landed - On Time
13:1513:10VS2917Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysFort WayneTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
13:1513:03WS6847Westjet WestjetIndianapolisTerminal S - T1Landed - On Time
13:1513:10WS7531Westjet WestjetFort WayneTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
13:1513:03AM4458Aeromexico AeromexicoIndianapolisTerminal S - T1Landed - On Time
13:1513:10AM3700Aeromexico AeromexicoFort WayneTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
13:1513:03LA7002LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileIndianapolisTerminal S - T1Landed - On Time
13:1513:10OO4048SkyWest-Airlines SkyWest AirlinesFort WayneTerminal S - D28Landed - On Time
13:1713:03KL5193KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesHebronTerminal S - A12Landed - On Time
13:1713:04KL6833KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKingstonTerminal I - F3Landed - On Time
13:1713:03DL3160Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHebronTerminal S - A12Landed - On Time
13:1713:04DL1841Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKingstonTerminal I - F3Landed - On Time
13:1713:04AF5687Air-France Air FranceKingstonTerminal I - F3Landed - On Time
13:1713:03VS5066Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysHebronTerminal S - A12Landed - On Time
13:1713:04VS3833Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysKingstonTerminal I - F3Landed - On Time
13:1713:03WS8597Westjet WestjetHebronTerminal S - A12Landed - On Time
13:1713:03AM3559Aeromexico AeromexicoHebronTerminal S - A12Landed - On Time
13:1713:03LA6594LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileHebronTerminal S - A12Landed - On Time
13:1812:57KL5187KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKnoxvilleTerminal S - D9ALanded - On Time
13:1813:06KL7373KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAshevilleTerminal S - D8Landed - On Time
13:1812:57DL1743Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesKnoxvilleTerminal S - D9ALanded - On Time
13:1813:06DL3057Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesAshevilleTerminal S - D8Landed - On Time
13:1812:57VS4983Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysKnoxvilleTerminal S - D9ALanded - On Time
13:1813:06VS2514Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysAshevilleTerminal S - D8Landed - On Time
13:1813:06WS6930Westjet WestjetAshevilleTerminal S - D8Landed - On Time
13:1812:57AM4403Aeromexico AeromexicoKnoxvilleTerminal S - D9ALanded - On Time
13:1813:06AM3609Aeromexico AeromexicoAshevilleTerminal S - D8Landed - On Time
13:2012:56KL7207KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesNew YorkTerminal S - A2Landed - On Time
13:2013:06KL6597KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesHoustonTerminal S - C36Landed - On Time
13:2012:56DL993Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesNew YorkTerminal S - A2Landed - On Time
13:2013:06DL1509Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesHoustonTerminal S - C36Landed - On Time
13:2013:06AF2226Air-France Air FranceHoustonTerminal S - C36Landed - On Time
13:2013:06VS5118Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysHoustonTerminal S - C36Landed - On Time
13:2012:56WS7206Westjet WestjetNew YorkTerminal S - A2Landed - On Time
13:2013:06WS7873Westjet WestjetHoustonTerminal S - C36Landed - On Time
13:2012:56AM4319Aeromexico AeromexicoNew YorkTerminal S - A2Landed - On Time
13:2013:06AM4586Aeromexico AeromexicoHoustonTerminal S - C36Landed - On Time
13:2013:06LA6604LATAM-Airlines-Chile LATAM Airlines ChileHoustonTerminal S - C36Landed - On Time
13:2513:04KL8407KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesValparaisoTerminal S - C49Landed - On Time
13:2513:07KL5343KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesGreensboroTerminal S - C41Landed - On Time
13:2513:04DL1302Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesValparaisoTerminal S - C49Landed - On Time
13:2513:07DL3052Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesGreensboroTerminal S - C41Landed - On Time
13:2513:04AF2305Air-France Air FranceValparaisoTerminal S - C49Landed - On Time
13:2513:07AF2287Air-France Air FranceGreensboroTerminal S - C41Landed - On Time
13:2513:04VS2710Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysValparaisoTerminal S - C49Landed - On Time
13:2513:07VS4362Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysGreensboroTerminal S - C41Landed - On Time
13:2513:12VS2635Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysMinneapolisTerminal S - D10Landed - On Time
13:2513:07WS7420Westjet WestjetGreensboroTerminal S - C41Landed - On Time
13:2513:12WS8657Westjet WestjetMinneapolisTerminal S - D10Landed - On Time
13:2513:04AM3766Aeromexico AeromexicoValparaisoTerminal S - C49Landed - On Time
13:2513:07AM3509Aeromexico AeromexicoGreensboroTerminal S - C41Landed - On Time
13:2513:12AM3860Aeromexico AeromexicoMinneapolisTerminal S - D10Landed - On Time
13:3013:11WN2200Southwest-Airlines Southwest AirlinesNew YorkTerminal N Landed - On Time
13:3213:12KL7445KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesEvansvilleTerminal S - D39Landed - On Time
13:3213:12DL5307Delta-Air-Lines Delta Air LinesEvansvilleTerminal S - D39Landed - On Time
13:3213:12VS2815Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic AirwaysEvansvilleTerminal S - D39Landed - On Time
13:3213:129E5307Endeavor-Air Endeavor AirEvansvilleTerminal S - D39Landed - On Time

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